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Pee Chat “Battle of the Bands” by Madam GMILF

Madam GMILF 6 years ago on 03/26/15
Equipped: Kato Mask named "Ha! Now I am incognito!"
Hey guys, we're trying to get considered for a Battle of the Bands to play the Warped Tour; initially it's a popularity contest so please check out our profile and "Like" us on Facebook! (Also, sharing the link from the profile page would be great; thanks you!!!)
Shaft 5 years ago on 04/25/15
Equipped: Chia Mr. T named "I pity da foo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Wow... That really remind of this really great adventure. So, I woke and... I really wanted and I really wanted chocolate pudding. So, the first thing I needed money because you can't buy chocolate pudding without money. Wait... let me back track... I took a shower and something about the water. When I was a kid, I would shower with Mr. bubbles and eat a huge bowl of pudding. Right, which makes sense. So, (my third by the way) I decided to go to the super market. Upon, arrival this pleasant asked me if I wanted to buy something. At this point my tummy was grumbling something awful. It was like one of those light ones I get when Sunday roles around I eat my very plain buscuit with my very plain gravy. On no madam! This was a most hefty rumble. I said to him... Something... What was it... Oh right! Sir, show me your finest chocolate pudding. So, we walked to isle four and he basically pointed at my favorite. Oh glory. What a civil and joyous day it was. I went home, laid my best silverware and eat my fair share. There are several words that really solidifies such excitment: Interesting Keen Intense Lovely Light Awesome Terrific Dashing Amazing Wonderful Nice I don't know this warped tour speak of. But, I am sure its fun.

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