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Gen. Chat “Home improvement thread” by Fievel

Fievel 3 years ago on 08/30/16
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Not to be confused with the Home Improvement thread. What are you doing to spruce up your house/apartment?

I'm probably going to go out in the next week or so and buy some new screen material for my windows. At some point I'd also like to tear up the disgusting astroturf the owner laid down on our porch and, depending on what the heck is underneath, either clean it up or get something nicer to cover the floors.
NekoStar 3 years ago on 08/30/16
Equipped: Link's Boomerang
We will be building a TV stand out of plumbing pipes and are also going to start shopping for windows after Dragon*Con. Our windows are HORRID and old, we really need them taken care of before winter.

Eventually there will be paint, and we have a whole room that we just call "project room". It needs a lot of love on the floor (it's not stained or sealed for some reason?), and we're also toying with the idea of attaching it to the bathroom so we can have a true master :-)
Captain Fancy Pants 3 years ago on 08/30/16
Equipped: Girl In Bucket named "child abuse"
I cleaned out what must be a decade of dust on top of the kitchen cabinets, between the radiators, and inside the faux fireplace of my apartment.

I've patched up small holes in the wall.

I tore off the horrible college dorm mirror that was glued to the wall.

I've also installed a magnetic knife rack in the kitchen.

It's a lot of minor improvements, but that's really as far as I'd like to go with an apartment.
Slade xTekno 3 years ago on 08/31/16
Equipped: Home Pregnancy Test named "Awww, shit."
Just moved into a house with four guys, and this place needs to be cleaned. I bought the house's first dustpan. They don't have a vacuum cleaner. Hardwood floors.

I managed to cram my old full size bed into my room, and got some extra cushions so I sit up to watch TV. Swept the room, so it's the one clean place in the entire house.

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