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Gen. Chat “I don't know who anybody is anymore” by kashira

Squee 3 years ago on 10/23/16
Equipped: Chastity Belt named "Iraq!!!!"
Michael VanderPloeg, I think I'm using the same profile picture too.
Cerati 3 years ago on 10/25/16
Equipped: Symmetrical Bread Stack named "A loaf of bread, for my bread gun..."
Daniel Reynoso - and I have been Cerati here forever
Imaginos 3 years ago on 10/25/16
Equipped: A Really Sharp Pointy Thing
my real name on facebook is Edd Flammer.. When this thing did move to facebook i was able to recognize a lot of you based on pics.. so kudos to John for being one of the first to stat a social media site that encouraged real pic instead of avatars

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