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Gen. Chat “Jack Chick, of DARK DUNGEONS Fame, Has Passed” by John Booty

Johnny Landmine 3 years ago on 10/27/16
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John Booty said:
There's a case for compassion here. I don't know anything about Chick's life but these kinds of beliefs are often a product of one's upbringing and environment.

Lot of stuff works that way, from abusive behavior to other negative traits. I hig...

First off: Yes, absolutely. I'm a strong believer in this. Hell, it's really easy to find, on this very website, a whole lot of horrible things I've said - and at the time found acceptable - due to the environments and cultures I've been a part of, and I'm very grateful to anyone who'd see those and be compassionate enough to recognize that isn't who I had to be.

Second: That said, if there is a point at which you should be held solely accountable for your actions and beliefs, I think's safe to say it falls slightly ahead of the point when you put your name on a corporation that sells comic books about said beliefs.

Bonus third: David Wong is easily the best contributor Cracked's got, and that piece is likely his best contribution, so strong pro-click zone up there just fyi
Mr. Francis York Morgan 3 years ago on 10/30/16
Updated: 3 years ago on 10/30/16
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Let's attack this from another spectrum. Assuming that these individuals, dying out, are of an ignorant and dying breed... humanity has, potentially lost very little.

In b/4 philosphilzin'

What would the general post attitude be, non humorously, if this was on the opposite side of the camp? I mean this sincerely. Again, I'm not trying to push a specific agenda, I'm trying to learn where everyone is coming from, as I rarely engage any of you on a one to one basis. The death major political figures that have eben around for most of our lives is rare, particularly when they held two positions in the strongest points of the diametric parabola of opinion.

I'm sorry, again, if I stirred the pot. That was not my intention. I was simply trying to gauge y'all. I understand the absolute hatred ignorant individuals like Scalia can stir in us, but at the same time, I've struggled to reconcile what I was raised to believe in the face of hypocrisy based in church doctrine. I don't mean any offense towards the non-devout, that is your business.
PS: Furthermore, Johnny Landline, you're now DSL for citing Cracked.
John Booty 3 years ago on 10/31/16
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Mr. Francis York Morgan said:
What would the general post attitude be, non humorously, if this was on the opposite side of the camp?

Are you asking how we, on the left/progressive/liberal/whatever side of the spectrum would feel if one of our heroes died and we saw a bunch of diehard conservatives celebrating?

It would sting, but I'd understand.

I'd be more bothered by the fact that they thought my hero was bad rather than the fact that they were celebrating that death.

It just doesn't seem strange to me to feel generally happy about the death of somebody that was doing lots of harm. People were generally happy when Mussolini, Hitler, and the Evil Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz died.

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