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Pee Chat “To claim the throne.” by Mr. Francis York Morgan

Mr. Francis York Morgan 4 years ago on 10/26/16
Equipped: Sword named "Fighander"
PeeChat knowledge.

The new regent must know all that has happened within OB throughout its inception. Since the wiki is down, this is a trial in mental acuity, not ability to search.

I may not be supremely active, but I've been here for a spell. I've been a complete jackass for most of it, and have spent a lot of time in the thunderdome. I think I can tell who's frontin', yo.

Therein is the end of my coolspeak.jpg

Until MissyJo or Xantar are willing to claim their place as King or Queen, the title of Regent will be placed on the person that holds the most knowledge over all the tedium that's gone on over the past decade.

(My bet? Gnosis)
A Study in Pink 4 years ago on 10/27/16

Mr. Francis York Morgan 4 years ago on 10/27/16
Equipped: Sword named "Fighander"

Come on, noi, Become the new queen. If anyone can, you.
PS: Oh, wait. Was that a browser error that caused me to post this twice? I think it was.

Anyway, noi!

First test!

Judge newcomers to Pee Chat. Dismiss them or accept them in the most regal manner! Prove that you can act as the royalty until the crowned prince or princess returns.

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