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Gen. Chat “A Few Good Rules Before You Trip:” by Amberwolf

Amberwolf 14 years ago on 05/01/05
1) Cars can hurt you.
2) You cannot fly.
3) It's never a good time to die.
4) Taking your clothes off will draw attention.
5) Keep your mouth shut at all times while in public.
6) Although you may see things that are not there, you won't NOT see things that aren't there.
7) Don't forget how to burp.
8) Only carry: a house-key, some loose change, and your address in your shoe.
9) Nobody can tell that you are tripping till you tell them "I'm tripping".
10) No matter how fucked-up you think you are, you'll eventually come down.

Thoughtfully borrowed from a page I found by accident with google:

Moderator Feuilly Says:

MajorThrombus 14 years ago on 05/01/05
Equipped: Eeeehhhhhh!!! named "My Reputation Preceeds Me"
but flying a car would accomplish the first three
Lostdrake 14 years ago on 05/01/05
Equipped: Technique Scroll: "Flying *UNF*" named "So.. its a really nice day toda... ...PANTIES!!"
IT would of been good to know about a few of those things a couple of weeks ago. Boy am i glad sean got me out of there by telling the officer i was his "special" cousin.
NightshadeMemory 14 years ago on 05/01/05
Oh man, I won't go near LSD or schrooms again. I had horrible trips.

Hey, you schroomers out there. Want to snap out of a trip? Drop a quarter and watch it fall. When it hits the ground, you'll be completely out of it. Handy, huh?
lovestreet 14 years ago on 05/01/05
Equipped: Gun With Exploding Bullets named "Bang Bang!"
I have never followed these rules while trippin' and I am still alive.
Imaginos 14 years ago on 05/02/05
Also cool flashing party lights not withstadning.. the police are not your friends
wow 14 years ago on 05/02/05
i know a acid overdose is impossible, but what about shooms out of curiosity. Not sure we even know, about 0 research has been done about them.
PsychoticSmiley 14 years ago on 05/03/05
Equipped: Semi-Offensive Engrish T-Shirt named "Me likey go fuck"
mmmm lsd. been looking forever for it.

Still waiting to see something that isn't there. the walls moved which was a pleasant surprise, the colors were amazing....but no papa smurf.

le sigh
SEGA GENESIS 14 years ago on 05/03/05
Equipped: Silly Pictures of bluefirecracker named ""silly" is another word for erotic shit I jack to"
Never touched LSD, but there was a year near the start of college where I did shrooms about 5 or 6 times. I had a great time except for maybe the third, when I freaked out.
A Study in Pink 14 years ago on 05/03/05
Equipped: Flux Capacitor
I am so scared to do any hallucinogenic drugs, because I have played so many hours of Silent Hill that I am absolutely positive I would see flesh-bags or Pyramid Head. And I would just shoot myself in the face as soon as the sirens started going off. FUCK THAT SHIT.
lovestreet 14 years ago on 05/03/05
Equipped: Ticket for the Man Train named "Headed straight to John Booty's arsse!"
I only tripped in high school a few times, I really thought shrooms sucked. Acid was cool though, especially when I saw my boyfriend's eye dripping off of his face. That asshole deserved it.

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