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Gen. Chat “I just saw the most amazing thing!” by Amberwolf

Amberwolf 14 years ago on 06/18/05
Some of the people across and down the street are having a little party (thankfully this time without any thumping bass in the music--I guess all the police cars visiting them hundreds of times over the months have made their point clear at least temporarily).

So they're out on their car hoods, trunks, and backs of trucks, and the sidewalk (they never use their backyards for anything I know of), and some guy finds the chips he was eating from the bag ran out.

So he up-ends the bag to let the crumbs run into his mouth...with his eyes OPEN!

Screaming and rolling around on the ground ensue, with at first no one paying any attention to him, then they realize he's not goofing around, and some moron pours beer on his face (presumably to try to help out), which makes things worse.

Then somebody grabs a rag off the car they were working on earlier that day and tries to wipe his face/eyes but the rag is covered in black oil and grease....

Someone else starts to try to help, but drops their beer bottle on the sidewalk, and another barefoot person steps right on that, and more screaming starts up, and both of them go into the house pretty quickly.

On their way in, they run into someone talking on a celphone, which knocks the phone on the sidewalk, and they traipse over it, kicking it and breaking it in half, so the owner(?) chases after them into the house, and I can hear a lot of door slamming (I hope).

Other things happened that I couldn't see, but more crashing, banging, yelling and screaming started up.

Finally after about two minutes of this kind of stupidity, a couple of what look like teenage girls grab the guy and shove him into their car and drive away (presumably to take him to the hospital?).

Everyone else over there just goes back to laughing and partying....

What stupid things other people did to themselves made or broke your day today?

Moderator John Booty Says:

A Study in Pink 14 years ago on 06/18/05
Wow. That's pretty awesome. I used to live behind a frat house, but while the stuff that happened there did sometimes end in hospital visits, my stories generally wouldn't be as funny.

This isn't funny, but it IS amazing:
Athena 14 years ago on 06/19/05
Equipped: Konoha Ninja Forehead Protector named "bad cosplay village"
lol gotta love the stupid drunk people stories,

and that baby thing is just kinda creepy
OMG Panda 14 years ago on 06/19/05
Equipped: Lightsaber named "This better be Obi-Wan's"
That drunk thing is crazy... I did the chip thing on accadent before 'cause somebody told me to look somewhere while I was getting the crumbs, I just used water to make my eyes better...

Heh, well once in my town, we had an evacuation because of a fire (it was supposed to be a controll burn, but they did it on a windy day so it got out of controll). My brother had been taken out of town by our dad 'cause our dad spazzed and feared the worst.

Well, while my brother was 2 hours away, a big white truck drove around to alert people of the evacuation, but my step-sister at the time (she's no longer my step-sister) continued to go outside to play. Her father urged her to go back in and pack up her stuff, the girl just wouldn't go in. The father got so pissed off he packed up her stuff for her (he does anything for her, including homework) and when it was time to go he swung her over his shoulder and put her in his Jeep.

I watched her stuggling from the car my mom and I were in and it made the evacuation really funny. We had to drive through a valley on a dirt road since the main road was already packed. The girl started opening her window, wanting to get out but there was a giant black cloud of ash above the town. The father had to stop the jeep to get one of those medical masks on her so she wouldn't inhale anything, but he also forced her to keep her window up and I could see that she was throwing a temper tantrum.

We finally drove 2 hours to a farm that the father's parents owned north of our town, so we stayed there for 2 weeks and I got the stomach flu during it. The girl laughed at me. I wanted to puke on her, but I had nothing to do it with, every time I'd eat or drink, it'd just come back up, I didn't have any stomach acid and I was the one who ended up going to the hospital.

Now I think that whole expierience was really funny.
Kirei the Klown 14 years ago on 06/19/05
Equipped: Devo Hat named "Jell-O Mold fashion faux pas"
wooow. what foolishness! All stories I've got are DWARFED by that one.

My fiance came home and told me of some stupidity that took place at his work recently - at a slow moment in the kitchen where he works on the line, 2 guys started goofing around, and began to pretend to have a knife fight, jabbing in slow motion or completely away from the other's body. However, humans have extremities, and one guy's blade caught the back of the other's hand in a nice shallow slice. At first, it didn't seem so bad, but just look at all the veins in the back of your hand - yeah, the wouldn't stop bleeding. So he went to the hospital.
Cinderella 14 years ago on 06/19/05
Equipped: Censored Sushi *gasp* named "Okinawan sushi = nakedness"
Last night was pretty fun. Me and a few friends were having a bonfire and it happens so were Ben's neighbors. Another girl and I were convinced zombies were going to attack so we decided it would be awesome to scare the other bonfire. So we dressed up like zombies and scared the shit out of them. >:D Mind you there IS a cemetary not ever 30 feet from either house.

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