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Gen. Chat “Intelligent Design: Flying Spaghetti Monster” by ThePirate

ThePirate 14 years ago on 08/25/05
Equipped: ThePirate's Abridged Dictionary

Some good points are getting brought up here.

Moderator pookie Says:

spyrral 14 years ago on 08/25/05
Equipped: Magical OtakuBooty Source Code named "I actually have this item in real life!!!"
I'm a lifelong Pastafarian myself, and I always ask myself WWFSMD? I put no entrees before him.
Zanial 14 years ago on 08/25/05
Equipped: Dante's Ebony+Ivory named "Everyones a little bit racist"

Moderator ThePirate Says:

Fievel 14 years ago on 08/25/05
Equipped: John Booty Plushy named "Fits easily into overhead compartments and my ass!"
As a Pennerian, I believe that all sects of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster should be taken into consideration.
skyknyt 14 years ago on 08/25/05
Equipped: Embarassing Yaoi Fanfiction by Hermano named "Ashe made you write this, didn't she?"
Many men forget the power that angel hair has in our lives, but I strive each meal to bring myself closer to them.
Dusty Pockets 14 years ago on 08/25/05
Equipped: JEDI DICK named "He-Man ain't got shit on this"
I have seen the light. I shall never partake of pasta again. I shall only worship it as at an altar. Seriously this is some great stuff and some wonderful points were brought up. Intelligent people with senses of humor? What a concept!
Killian 14 years ago on 08/25/05
Equipped: Spike Spiegel's Gun (Jericho 94) named "Big Bang"
The chart clearly shows that Pirates like the heat.
Lorenzosama 14 years ago on 08/25/05
Equipped: Espionage Codec named "snake are you ok?!"
they should show the same graph for ninjas, or bull moose members
PsychoticSmiley 14 years ago on 08/26/05
According to scientology....since I don't believe it this....It doesn't exist.
Cerati 14 years ago on 08/26/05
Equipped: Symmetrical Bread Stack named "A loaf of bread, for my bread gun..."
"Noodly Appendage."

I want one.

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