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Gen. Chat “Favorite song!?!?!?!” by onefifteen

Lovelyangel 15 years ago on 09/06/05
Equipped: Alucard's 454 Casull
Fiona Apple - Sleep To Dream
SailorJoon 15 years ago on 09/06/05
Equipped: Semi-Offensive Engrish T-Shirt named "Scream. Orange. Crush. Everyday."
Chicken Huntin - ICP
DP2000 15 years ago on 09/06/05
Equipped: Apple
Needs more Senora Marmaladea.
J-Rock 15 years ago on 09/06/05
Equipped: Map to Secret Ninja Hideout
positivespace posted this 3 hours ago:

"Doo Doo Brown by Luke of 2 Live Crew"

That's 2 Hype Brothas and a Dog.
Arch Dragon 15 years ago on 09/07/05
Equipped: Tear-stained Emo Poetry by Rumble Rose Konami
Either Clocks by Coldplay, or Morgenstern by Rammstein. (Clocks has a lot more meaning to me, so we'll go with that I think)
Akai Aidyn 15 years ago on 09/07/05
Equipped: Coupon For Free N00dz named "Unlimited Peep Show Ticket (NEVER EXPIRES!!!)"
This Brilliant Dance by Dashboard Confessional


Chicago is So Two Years Ago by Fall Out Boy.
Jester Jade 15 years ago on 09/08/05
bluefirecracker posted this 2 days ago on 09/06/05
Equipped: Hello Kitty Vibrator named "Magic Kitty Fun +3"

Totally Whitney Houston's "Didn't we almost have it all"

I feel her pain through the crack baby, I feel you Whitney!
She my GURL!!!!

My favorite Witty hutton song is "It's not right, but it's ok", and not the supper faggy club mix, the original slow jam.
PinkTopHat 15 years ago on 09/08/05
Equipped: Bad Mother F*cker Wallet named "Can't buy much for a dollar these days..."
Some things never change... I still get all pissed off at the world and want to nail anything in sight listening to The Girls of Porn by Mr. Bungle. Ahh, Mike Patton... Then, there's the inevitable cold shower music... One of these Nights by the Eagles; I'll never know why I love that song so damned much.
Liscum 15 years ago on 09/08/05
Equipped: N00dz of Cromwell named "hey, he's wearing a sweater. Oh wait. He's not."
Currently, I can't stop listening to Sia's "Breathe Me" (aka that song from the last episode of Six feet Under)

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