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Gen. Chat “I bought tampons today” by Ashe

Iago 14 years ago on 10/06/05
Equipped: Clue Stick named "Hey...all the dents in it are shaped like my head!"
Ashe posted this 1 hour ago
Equipped: JEDI DICK named "Of Masters and Senators"
Why aren't we approving a TMI flag?

Because it would implode from overuse on the first day of its existence?

Duck 14 years ago on 10/06/05
Equipped: +3 Vibrating Duck of Doom
Josh, if you need them, they're on my desk.
A Study in Pink 14 years ago on 10/06/05
Equipped: Rope Of Infinite Bondage named "Why do I keep getting these?"
Wait, cups? What are we talking about? And why do you have to remove them to pee? Or what's going on?
Nowhere Man 14 years ago on 10/06/05
Equipped: Your very own cow named "Dinner"
That sounds like the worst idea ever alongside douching.
Kirei the Klown 14 years ago on 10/07/05
Equipped: Almond Crush Pocky named "Rod with nuts... mmm"
Ah, yes, the Diva Cup! I've been too intimidated to try one.

noi, I know what you mean - what the HELL is up with the ninja wrappers? I mean, it's the bathroom - we're all women in there, we know what the cycle's about - geez, it sounds like explosive diarrhea sounds are preferable to a crinkly wrapper. But then, I knew a woman who wouldn't even use a private bathroom if someone was nearby without running the faucet to mask the tinkling sound; you tell me which is weirder.
skyknyt 14 years ago on 10/07/05
Equipped: Embarassing Yaoi Fanfiction by Hermano named "Ashe made you write this, didn't she?"
Once knew a deaf girl who, when she found out that people could HEAR you pee, was horrendously offended by the invasion of her privacy.

Of course, she was Japanese, and they have all kinds of buttons in public bathrooms to mask noises.
WickedElement 14 years ago on 10/07/05
Equipped: PS2 Controller named "FK, qcf+3P, qcf+WP, qcf+WK, WK, qcf x2+WP....Bitch"
O.B. Penises are great tampons.
Fievel 14 years ago on 10/07/05
Equipped: Blow Up Doll of the Finest Quality named "Ali"
Duck, but that eliminates the fun of seeing the look on the check out girl's face when I put down nothing but a box of tampons and smile. Maybe I'll even wink at her.
Kender 14 years ago on 10/07/05
Equipped: Technique Scroll: "Mega Pimp Slap" named "Hand of Retribution"
Fievel, that check out girl is only going to think you're whipped.
Ikirus 14 years ago on 10/07/05
Equipped: Spike Spiegel's Gun (Jericho 94)
" Fievel, that check out girl is only going to think you're whipped."

You clearly haven't seen fievel's bitch tits yet.
Kurenai 14 years ago on 10/07/05
Equipped: Anti-Fanboy Potion named "begone, foul beast!"
I don't understand the problem with plastic applicators, pearls or otherwise. I have never had a problem with applicators. Though without is ok too. But, man, if you're period is almost over an applicator is far better than without one...

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