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Gen. Chat “New to this place” by wolfgirlvagina

Fajrolumo 6 years ago on 06/07/13
Found the thread 'bumped' figured I'd chime in; I'm pretty new. As others have said, where-was-this-in-my-day-glad-to-be-here-I'm-alergic-to-pet fur and dander-thanks-for-the-welcome.
Mark Argent 6 years ago on 06/10/13
Equipped: King of Genius-Level Retards Crown named "COME TO FUCKING EPPY"
no homo
Dawdled Contraceptive 6 years ago on 06/20/13
Through months of listening to stories of fun times and epic events I finally caved in and decided to join the OB community. Hi! I'm Giselle...

Moderator Princess Shoujo Maiku Says:

BeverlyNowhere 6 years ago on 09/16/13
Recruited at DragonCon.
Grampybone 6 years ago on 10/08/13
glad to have arrived. DoomMonky what took you so long to recruit me?

We and my nose thanks you
DoomMonky 6 years ago on 10/08/13
Equipped: Foreigner Belt... ROCK! named "Complete with instructions"
Whatcha be needin?
Walksmith2 6 years ago on 12/05/13
Hello everyone!
kairi-g 6 years ago on 01/24/14
Equipped: Flux Capacitor named "desire"
I am back again, really I never left, but I haven't been active in about a year. So hello again! I am Erica. I'm actually moving down to the Raleigh-Durham area of NC soon, any fellow OB folks down there?
FlyinJew 6 years ago on 04/12/14
Hi. I'm new here, and have no idea about what else to put in an introductory statement.
Zemener 6 years ago on 05/18/14
Hello everyone, I'm relatively new. Hoping to meet some people here and get out more. Let me know if you have any questions.
FlyinJew 6 years ago on 05/23/14
Out of the Mane 6, which Pony is best Pony, and why?
Phantomizer 5 years ago on 08/02/14
Place looks a bit dead, but thought I'd post anyways. Joined two days ago, seemed interesting, joined to see if I could connect with some like-minded people. More info on my profile, or you can always ask away ^_^
Armyfrenchy 5 years ago on 03/13/15
Hey all, I am new here site.

wolfgirlvagina said:
I'm sure you have had this thread before.

I'm new here Thought I would post for the heck of a first post. Try to meet some people.

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Mac 3 years ago on 08/25/16
Equipped: Ticket for the Man Train
I'm so new. What do? I think I heard a poot.
Princess Shoujo Maiku 3 years ago on 11/01/16
Equipped: Embarassing Yaoi Fanfiction by LostDecoy named "The Adventures of Junun and Dio"

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