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Gen. Chat “New to this place” by wolfgirlvagina

wolfgirlvagina 12 years ago on 01/09/07
Equipped: Hello Kitty Vibrator named "Another bluelady and wolfgirlvagina porno Prop"
James blond so your a med student? or do you use that line to pick up chics :P

If you hold up a banner really high that says noodz for noobz at a con you might meet some new friends.
James Blond 12 years ago on 01/10/07
Done and Done for Katsucon (if it doesn't break any stupid sign rules)
shikozomi_mika 12 years ago on 01/10/07
Heya am new on here, wow your a med student? i really want a career in science too

thyshallsmite 12 years ago on 01/11/07
hello, i'm new umm.... kirby dance
<("<) <('o')> (>")>
shikozomi_mika 12 years ago on 01/11/07
Wow i wanna dance too

<("<) <('o')> (>")>

BuckDaddy 12 years ago on 01/11/07
So, I've quickly learned my lesson, now.

n00bs will be handled accordingly.

Let's try again.

I'm new here. Hello, all!
aleph85 12 years ago on 01/11/07
Hello Sexy Peoples!

I am now, please be rough with me.

Kickass site. Rode over from S*A and Real Life. Just seeing what kind of audience they have convinces me even more I need to advertise with S*A.
James Blond 12 years ago on 01/11/07
Equipped: Magical Chicken Hat #1 named "always keep one in your wallet"
I know this will probably make someone want to punch me in the face, but what the heck is SA?
I know I got here from Something Positive (S*P).
But what the heck is S*A?
JazzyBella 12 years ago on 01/11/07
Equipped: Chia Mr. T named "I pitty the fool"
Something Awful. I don't know for sure since I haven't been there, but I think it's one of those bloggish news communities.

Checked this place out the last time it was advertisized at S*P then forgot to save the link.
Chiquit 12 years ago on 01/11/07
I saw the ad for this site in so many places I visit that I figured I was obligated to check it out. Been lurking around for a week or so to see, and I must say, damn fine site. Already excited to chat with some of the people here.

Oh, and hehe, S*A is mostly interesting articles for those who just need to spend an hour laughing their head off. . . very often.
ampk 12 years ago on 01/12/07
Equipped: Azumanga Daddy Hat named "Keeps you warm in MA."
Hey all! I'm new here, definitely my kind of site. Came here from S*A as well. Messages and such are always welcome, I crave nerdy conversation.
DonKarnage 12 years ago on 01/12/07
Equipped: Swashbuckler's Eyepatch. Custom-Made. Arrr! named "where my niggas at?"
I'm new.


Kentondangerous made me do it.

but so far it's pretty rad.

this is where i beg for friends or something cool, perhaps i'll beg for a zombie virus. Man that would own
SlavetoSomething 12 years ago on 01/12/07
Madam GMILF 12 years ago on 01/12/07
I wandered over from S*P; seems like a fun site. Definitely more fun than having your car blow up in the middle of the freeway.... :-(
Romkira 12 years ago on 01/12/07
Good morning everyone. Also am the n00b. 2 litres of the Dew. Must go game.

Yes it's always morning.
theclockwork 12 years ago on 01/12/07
I'm a new guy here to, with the S*P crew.

jonastio 12 years ago on 01/12/07
S*P is the best.
Hiyas folks.
Ecin 12 years ago on 01/12/07
Coming here from Real Life. Take that as a pun if you want.

Message me and I'll message you!
Tralan 12 years ago on 01/13/07
Yeah hi. I'm Tralan. Good to meet you all. I joined up because my real-life-away-from-the-computer friends are imaginary. I think. Are there tiny people with tails that live under beds? Anyway, yeah... I'm going to bed now.
Seraph 12 years ago on 01/13/07
Yeah...Here.New.Wishing to be molested. Gonna go eat, drop me a line.

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