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News & For Sale “Fansub Review: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” by m1cnBot

Senator Hideki 6 years ago on 10/08/13
Equipped: Galaxy's Most Dangerous Cute Lifeform: "Metriod" named "I will suck the life out of you, tee hee."

Can someone spoil for me whether or not he's ever actually successful at the suicide? Because if not, I definitely want to watch this show asap.

PM me, I guess.
Slade xTekno 6 years ago on 10/08/13
Equipped: Home Pregnancy Test named "Awww, shit."
It's safe to say he doesn't.

To clarify, the format/genre is "slice-of-life." Each episode is split into two stand-alone sections (three for the later series). After you get to know the cast in season one, you can watch the rest in pretty much any order.* Think Azumanga Daioh, except crazier. Literally.

It's also a harem series, as most of the females students develop a crush on the teacher. Nozumo's not interested in any of his students though, although he considers them as potential partners for a double-suicide.

*Please watch them order though, just to see the season 2 opening evolve into something amazing in the OVA.
PS: The US licensed was dropped, so it's alright to download. It's also available on Youtube, so you can check it out there.

[a.f.k] has the best fansubs, but they quit in the middle of the second season.
Johnny Landmine 6 years ago on 10/10/13
Equipped: Devo Hat named "Effective non-streaking protection from Space Junk"
Never actually watched beyond the first half or so of the first season but the OPs on this series are solid gold karaoke dynamite
Lord Not-To-Fucked-With 6 years ago on 10/10/13
Equipped: Magical OtakuBooty Source Code named "pacific rimjob"
whyyy did i never get deep into this.

it seemed like it got really trippy really fast. when anime gets trippy, its a huge turnoff for me. just quit lain for the same reason.

weeaboo fail.

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