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These are Britishly Delicious' latest 3 posts in our forums.

Britishly Delicious 6 days ago on 10/17/14
Huge call in for everyone who helped make my trip this year a wonderful experience (as it is every year). I miss you all already and I can't wait until next time!
Much love <3

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Britishly Delicious 4 months ago on 05/30/14
Just finished Skin Game too (obviously), but I really came here to say Severed Streets.
It's Urban Fantasy too, but set in London and has the whole police thing going on too, but with a somewhat different angle.
It's the second in the series (you definitely need to read the first one - London Falling) so there isn't a huge amount of catching up to do.


Neil Gaiman is in the second book, as a person in that version of London!!!

Read them now!

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Britishly Delicious 5 months ago on 05/08/14
Didn't Littlefinger also previously say he was saving himself for someone special?
While that could obviously have been a lie, it sort of does make sense when you think of him always having been in love with Catelyn. Him having a daughter does feel a bit off. It actually makes more sense this way, I think.

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