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ItemEQUIPPED: N00dz of Ashe named "Creepier because they're from her brother..."
From: Hermano
ItemEmbarassing Yaoi Fanfiction by Hermano named "Ashe made you write this, didn't she?"
ItemN00dz of Sephiroth named "The sexiest fucking n00dz ever!"
ItemTentacle named "World Domination Will Be Mine!"
ItemCoupon For Free N00dz
From: Ali
Ali says: "s-k-why? because I like you."
ItemSwashbuckler's Eyepatch. Custom-Made. Arrr! named "Arr. Me feels like sailing for some booty"
From: Blak_Spyder
Blak_Spyder says: "only if this is all you're wearing"
ItemGiant Robot named skyknyt named "...skyknyt"
From: Ali
Ali says: "it seemed like the obvious thing to do..."
ItemMagus Statue named "I am way cooler and angstier than thou, biatch."
From: Ashe
Ashe says: "You submitted this, didn't you?"
ItemChia Mr. T named "I pity da foo' who don't bow to Chia Mr. T"
ItemClue Stick named "The Joy Luck Club"
From: Ashe

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