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Buster Machine No. 1439
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About Mizumi

Age: 37
Gender: F
Location: Asheville, NC

Joined: 18 years ago on 02/23/04
Last Visit: 17 years ago
Type: Founding Member (Lifetime)
Paid Member Privileges: Yes
Privileges Expire: Never!

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Tell Us About Yourself...

Say hello, and tell us a bit about yourself!

“Please... everyone... just quit falling in love with me. I'm not here anymore... but my profile stays. I'm just sick of being on a site full of stereotyping hyoomans. (Eww humans...) Don't PM me, okay? Just please stop the stereotyping...”

What do you do for fun?

“Name something and I'll probably find it fun. I like doing anything I can get entertainment out of, no matter how crazy it is. I'm completely random, so ummm random things are fun :D I love dancing and partying too.”

What do you do? You know- job, school, freelance sorcery, etc.

“Well I over use AIM smileys for one thing. (Ya know, the whole =P thing.) But other than that, sit on my lazy ass in front of the computer all day. Cool, ya? AND I AM NOT WAKKA. So shattup.”

What's your dream job?

“To marry a Chocobo... no really.. I am. Don't believe me? Well... FINE. Feathers up your arse.”

Tell a funny story about yourself, or about something funny you own!

“This computer and everything I've said on it. Also that matress hanging on that wall over there, but that's another story...”

Who Are You Looking For?

Which gender are you interested in?

“Guys or girls!”

Describe the sort of person you're looking for!

“I like meeting pretty much anyone. I'm really open minded, so like, I'll probably like you no matter what. Unless you like kill my friends or beat me in SSBM. Then it's on baby! (I'm a competitve little freak :p)”

Do you think long distance relationships can work?

“I love em. My longest one has been a month long. =D Guess I'm outta luck there, huh? Actually I'm 10x better with RL relationships. I just cant seem to keep ahold of OL relationships.”

Anime, Manga and Other Nerdy Stuff

Name some of your favorite anime and manga...

“CHOBITS DAMNIT! HA, that anime kicks freaking ass. Gah, it's awesome. I never laughed my ass off more in my life. My other fav.s are: Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain, Aiyashi No Ceres, ....>.> Chobits. <.<”

What are some anime/manga/gaming-related interests you have? Watching anime, cons, collecting cels, etc...

“Show me any anime and I'll probably like it. I haven't really found an anime that I don't like. Chobits is awesome though. Hey, I like pervy funny things like that.”

If you go to conventions, what upcoming cons are you attending?

“Otakon. Maybe Anime Weeked Atlanta (AWA) again. It just depends on my money. =P”

Into games? List your favorites!

“I'm a SSBM fanatic, I win several huge tournaments. FF8 (ha, flame me for that, I know you want to :p I should cosplay Rinoa just to express my love for the game), Final Fantasy 10, Resident Evil 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Soul Calibur II, DOA, ”

Jaeger Assignment

Mizumi is currently piloting AVENGER GOITER with Digital Night

AVENGER GOITER's special combat abilities are known to include:

  • Multiple Battle-Axe
  • Foot-Mounted Scissor

DOSSIER: Primary function is to unleash strategic offense intended to attack the Kaiju by destroying their emotions. Classified scuttlebutt indicates this Jaeger is part of Operation Defiant Magical, a plan to use a game-changing, new boner pill to hopefully end Obamacare. Certainly that one of its most celebrated moments of the war occured during Operation Erotic Magical when the pilots sacrificed nearly all of the Earth's children in order to save several terabytes of pornography. One rumored drawback of this Jaeger type is that it may act like a total asshole every so often. One thing is certain: these pilots are heroic and nobody questions their dedication to lovemaking abilities.

MOST RECENT PSYCHE EVALUATION: Raised by wolves in the affluent suburbs of Dayton. At an early age, showed much promise for playing the piano, but struggled with with basically everything else. It was at the age of 19 that she had her entire body replaced by cyborg components. As time progressed, she mastered the secrets of flower arranging. Each suprisingly filthy yeast infection was a step toward the triumph that her heart yearned for.

Found herself at Oxford where she studied forbidden knowledge, where it soon became apparent that she was literally drunk the entire time, twenty-four hours a day. With a fighting style that combined the lewdness of the toughest son-of-a-bitch you ever met with sensual passion, termed "Invincible Armadillo Style", she soon gained the attention of instructors.

After becoming a Jaeger Pilot, her debut fight against a kaiju was a splendid triumph despite killing her mother. This was achieved despite seriously fucking up a Kaiju with some of the weakest bullshit attacks ever seen by mankind.

Deciding to learn a lesson, she dedicated herself to embracing her inner sensuality and as usual, is really shitting the bed.

"Son, you, you can study the training videos all day long," says one commanding officer. "But when you're actually out there with the fate of the world in your hands, and half of your robot is on fire and the other half is severely damaged you better forget everything she taught you and adapt to the new situation no matter how high you are. If you don't, everybody's going to think you're a pussy. Believe me, this is one crazy asshole who has mastered that."

Psyche eval recommendation: Needs more nipple touching.

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