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ItemUsed Panties From Daitenshi
From: Twinkle
Twinkle says: "TRUCE?"
ItemLink's Bomb named "go boom now"
From: Twinkle
Twinkle says: "Because you're "da bomb"! GET IT?!!"
ItemTear-stained Emo Poetry by Vealium named "Tales of the worst life-partner ever!"
From: Tender Roni
ItemKiss from KireiChibi named "Ladies Love Cool J"
ItemUsed Panties From kashira named "I found them on my roof"
ItemKiss from Ashe named "Massaging the throat dick."
ItemUsed Panties From Ali named "I like to wear them as a hat!"
From: Mako
Mako says: "I thought you could use a sexy gift"
ItemEQUIPPED: Kiss from Creepy Stalker named "A kiss from the shadows"
From: Mako
Mako says: "TAG! You're it!"
ItemKiss from Jae Staar named "That's why I never kiss 'em on the mouth."
From: Business Mouse
Business Mouse says: "Jus becoz you're new pics in your swanky oufit are so sexxxay!"

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