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Buster Machine No. 1655
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About BeautyStupid

Age: 34
Gender: F
Location: Covington, VA

Joined: 17 years ago on 03/01/04
Last Visit: 7 years ago
Type: Founding Member (Lifetime)
Paid Member Privileges: Yes
Privileges Expire: Never!

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Tell Us About Yourself...

Say hello, and tell us a bit about yourself!

“Hi, I forgot how to have fun and make friends. Let's try again.”

Current Relationship Status

“I'm in an exclusive relationship.”

What do you do for fun?

“I love being in the kitchen and will make you a sandwich, cookies, eclairs, or anything your heart desires. Currently reteaching myself how to knit and play piano, two of my favorite things which I've neglected. Have a lot of downtime unfortunately.”

What do you do? You know- job, school, freelance sorcery, etc.

“Take care of my parents for the time being, aiming to begin culinary school this year, fingers crossed.”

What's your dream job?

“Executive Chef at a 5-star resort, or owning my own patisserie. And I'd love to start a no-kill cat shelter or sanctuary.”

Tell a funny story about yourself, or about something funny you own!

“I used to troll this site and anime cons, and now I've grown up, accepted and embrace my inner nerd. The joke was on me all along HAHAHA.”

Who Are You Looking For?

Which gender are you interested in?

“Guys or girls!”

What kind of relationship are you looking for?

“Here to make friends only”

Describe the sort of person you're looking for!

“A funny, non-hateful one who I have something in common with and can carry half a conversation.”

Do you think long distance relationships can work?

“If both hearts are there, they are worth all the bumps.”

Anime, Manga and Other Nerdy Stuff

Name some of your favorite anime and manga...

“Black Butler, Blue Exoricst, Steins;Gate, No. 6, Hellsing, Sailor Moon, Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent, Real Bout High School, ParaKiss. I like cute and I like creepy.”

What's some of your favorite music? What have you been listening to lately?

“Everything, for real. Britney's my girl, though.”

What are some anime/manga/gaming-related interests you have? Watching anime, cons, collecting cels, etc...

“WoW like a fiend and recently got back into anime and manga. What have I missed in the past four years, nerd world?”

If you go to conventions, what upcoming cons are you attending?

“Otakonnnnnnononnnn, I've not been in SOFFFFUCKINGLONG but this year... this year.”

Into games? List your favorites!

“WoW and Wii Fit take up my gaming time since my PS2 was lost. See how I balance the two? But off the top of my head, I love all survival horror, Katamari Damacy, REZ, Space Channel 5, Oblivion, Pokemon”

Other Online Gaming Info


Jaeger Assignment

BeautyStupid is currently piloting MAGNIFICENT VALKYRIE with Red Rook

MAGNIFICENT VALKYRIE's special combat abilities are known to include:

  • Oblivion Tackle of Nothingness
  • Blood Dropkick Flood

DOSSIER: Likes to help soldiers by upgrading their sensual capabilities. Often, experienced Jaeger pilots have been awestruck by the pilots' general cleanliness. Everybody agrees: these pilots are seriously bad-ass and nobody questions their dedication to ability to chug a six-pack.

MOST RECENT PSYCHE EVALUATION: Basically kind of hung out with some serious assholes in the dangerous suburbs of Dayton. Greatly devastated by the murder of grandmother because it was her idea in the first place. At an early age, showed great aptitude for being able to walk in a straight line, but struggled with with watercolor painting. It was at the age of 19 that she had her entire body replaced by cyborg components. Spent the next several seconds training her guts out in a secret waterfall. Each withering beat-down was a step toward being less of an asshole that her parents expected from her.

Educated at Yale where she studied whatever the fuck she felt like studying, where it soon became apparent that she was the type of person that never gets invited to parties. With a fighting style that combined the sexual prowess of a bull with unbeatable passion, termed "Elegant Falcon Style", she soon gained the erections of her master.

She soon joined the Robot Army and, after sucking and fucking her way into a Jaeger, her first fight against a kaiju was a limp-dicked triumph despite infuriating a bunch of innocent bystanders. Classified intel indicates most of the town was destroyed and the rest was incinerated.

Deciding to listen to everybody else for a change, she dedicated herself to embracing her inner sensuality and is basically doing alright.

"Listen up, rookie, you can read the textbooks all day long," says one flight instructor. "But when you're actually out there partying, and you're completely drunk you better forget everything Mommy said and adapt to the life or death situation no matter how high you are. If you don't, you're fucked. Trust me, this is one soldier who has mastered that."

Psyche eval recommendation: Is gonna run this whole goddamn army someday.

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