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Buster Machine No. 26271
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About mI_immaS

Age: 27
Gender: F
Location: San Jacinto, CA

Joined: 8 years ago on 01/12/13
Last Visit: 7 years ago
Type: Gold Member
Paid Member Privileges: None

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Tell Us About Yourself...

Say hello, and tell us a bit about yourself!

“I am a big time dork! :) I am not afraid to meet new people and i love all nerdy people <3 I adore all animals so i decided to become a vegetarian and have been for six years. :D”

What do you do? You know- job, school, freelance sorcery, etc.

“College Student”

What's your dream job?

“Technician for Microsoft or a high school teacher”

Who Are You Looking For?

Which gender are you interested in?


What kind of relationship are you looking for?

“Here to make friends only”

Describe the sort of person you're looking for!

“people with the same interest as me.”

Anime, Manga and Other Nerdy Stuff

Name some of your favorite anime and manga...

“Kimi Ni Todoke, Gintama, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball Z, Princess Jellyfish, Rurouni Kenshin, Ouran High School Host Club, Bleach, Naruto, Sword Art Online, and many more.”

What's some of your favorite music? What have you been listening to lately?

“Postal Service. Bob Marley. Iration. Bayside. DRUGS. System of a Down. Slipknot. Sublime. ATB. Above & Beyond. Mt Eden. John Mayer. Jack Johnson. Led Zeppelin. ”

What are some anime/manga/gaming-related interests you have? Watching anime, cons, collecting cels, etc...

“I LOVE to watch all types of anime series (besides some mecha anime :P ) I also like to read manga and I LOVE to play video games. (CoD, GOW 1&2, l4d2, bF3, ETC.)”

Into games? List your favorites!

“Call of Duty: Black Ops 1&2, MW2. Gears of war, Left4Dead2, Assassins Creed, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Battlefield.”

Jaeger Assignment

mI_immaS is currently piloting DYNAMITE HURRICANE with Shadowcast

DYNAMITE HURRICANE's special combat abilities are known to include:

  • Ineffective Machine Gun
  • Nipple-Mounted Arrow

DOSSIER: Primary function is is to supply courageous blowjobs to other Jaeger pilots, even during the heartbreak of full-force combat. Perhaps that one of its most infamous moments of the war occured during Operation Erotic Unicorn when the pilots sacrificed several hundred puppies in order to save several terabytes of pornography. The only question facing these pilots, who everybody is pretty sure are direct blood relatives, is this: can they explode the Kaiju without slaughtering each other first?

MOST RECENT PSYCHE EVALUATION: Mother was the kind of mom you wish you had. Father was a mild-mannered librarian. Existence didn't really change much when friends were seduced by an evil warlord. It was at the age of 5 that she discovered bathing. Spent the next several years fighting for survival in a filthy gay bath house. Each erotic fuck-up was a step away from becoming a true sexual being, and was all that most people would stay the fuck away from.

Truly blossomed at Oxford where she studied whatever the fuck she felt like studying, where it soon became apparent that she was probably destined to be homeless. With a fighting style that combined the tendency toward inappropriate touching of a bull with frankly unnecessary passion, termed "Invincible Hulk Style", she soon gained the attention of commanders.

She soon joined the Robot Army and, after sucking and fucking her way into a Jaeger, her first fight against a kaiju was a splendid success despite annoying the shit out of basically everybody. This was achieved despite running away from a Kaiju with extremely low self-esteem.

Deciding to learn a lesson, she dedicated herself to totally wussing out whenever possible and has been making some pretty good progress.

So-called experts have described her Jaeger tactics style as "embarrassing dick-slapping", while people who actually know what she's talking about have described it as "completely dope" and "some of the best stuff since Godzilla sexually dominated Barcelona."

Psyche eval recommendation: Promote immediately.

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