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These are Matthew's latest 4 posts in our forums.

Matthew 1 days ago on 01/28/15
You know you logged in for the first time in a year and an half because of that shit, don't lie.

Also, post FOPs.

This is the opening post in his thread "Thread for Checking in Cuz o' That FB Thread", posted in Gen. Chat

Matthew 3 months ago on 10/16/14
Calling in Chris (EvilJorge) and his roommate for letting Tom, Lisa, and I crash in his house on our travels. Ignoring the fact that this is the coolest house ever! Love ya, bro!

This is a reply to the thread "Call-ins" by Switzerland, posted in Gen. Chat

Matthew 5 months ago on 08/28/14
Okay, they're damned souls. Pure fighters for LYFE
PS: No but seriously I love 5e

This is a reply to the thread "The Straight-Up D&D Thread" by Matthew, posted in Otaku Chat

Matthew 5 months ago on 08/25/14
Anything- literally anything- besides crinkle cut. That's not a fry it's a fucking excuse for aliens to eradicate our species on general principle. Though I'll still eat them because, hey, fries.

This is a reply to the thread "Best cut of fries" by Lord_BullGod, posted in Fatty Talk

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