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ItemMagus Statue
From: Atharan
Atharan says: "Power Word: Prolapse! "
ItemEQUIPPED: N00dz of Ali named "But she was naked! And all... articulate!"
ItemSpike Spiegel's Gun (Jericho 94) named "It's actually a 941. It comes in 9mm or .41AE"
From: caitlin
caitlin says: "It makes the rape all the more vivid."
ItemHello Kitty Vibrator named "Twixt my nethers!"
From: Ali
Ali says: "Never been used... maybe!"
ItemVash's Gun named "Say a prayer for seven bullets"
From: Zanial
Zanial says: "Angel arms? What kinda gay name is that."
ItemA Really Sharp Pointy Thing named "a small cut to the forearm"
From: MajorThrombus
MajorThrombus says: "Mwa ha ha"
ItemDante's Ebony+Ivory named "to live together in perfect Haaaaaaaaarmony!"
From: Zanial
Zanial says: "Don't hurt yourself."
ItemAlucard's 454 Casull named "I use the internet to talk about GUNS GUNS GUNS!"
From: MajorThrombus
MajorThrombus says: "This is my "shocker""
ItemGirl In Bucket named "Top Ramen: 'Vagina Flavored'"
From: Matt Fucking Miller
Matt Fucking Miller says: "All you have to do is get it a little hot and wet, my friend"
ItemGun With Exploding Bullets named "Vera"
From: Exploding Alex
Exploding Alex says: "Lock and load."

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