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These are StuntCock's latest 5 posts in our forums.

StuntCock 5 days ago on 12/14/14
Yo, If you're not excited as hell about this movie then you're a fucking moron.

They have the original director of the Mad Max series (Okay, and I guess he directed Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two, but fuck you.) back to give us some seriously gorgeous post apocalyptic 90-minute-chase-scene action.

This thread should have about 200 posts in it.

This is a reply to the thread "Mad Max: Fury Road" by Put A Bird On It!, posted in Otaku Chat

StuntCock 2 months ago on 10/16/14
Didn't we ban you for posting under age tits or was that another account?

This is a reply to the thread "GUESS WHO IS BACK, BACK AGAIN" by ashkeyt, posted in Pee Chat

StuntCock 3 months ago on 08/26/14
I've got the Player's Handbook for D&D (Next) sitting here and I've got a couple sessions of 13th Age under my belt now.

Let's talk about Wizards.

This is a reply to the thread "The Straight-Up D&D Thread" by Matthew, posted in Otaku Chat

StuntCock 3 months ago on 08/22/14
If you want a discussion on this topic you need to move this thread to the dome so we get REAL answers.
PS: Steak fries are so soft and floppy, like your shitty little cock, Sergio.

This is a reply to the thread "Best cut of fries" by Lord_BullGod, posted in Fatty Talk

StuntCock 5 months ago on 06/30/14
PS: Sorry about flagging your post with mesothelio-mania back in the day.

This is a reply to the thread "Becky, OtakuBooty Loves You" by m1cnBot, posted in Gen. Chat

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