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ItemTechnique Scroll: "Mega Pimp Slap" named "TUCH TEH B00BEIS!!!1!!!!"
From: Yesod
Yesod says: "once mastered, all that is left is to pass the technique on...."
ItemFuuma Shuriken ~ Shadow Windmill
ItemOdd-Smelling Chinese Takeout
From: Yesod
Yesod says: "a quick meal when you dont feel like cooking?"
ItemRope Of Infinite Bondage
From: Yesod
Yesod says: "muhahahaha!!!! >D!!!!!!!"
ItemThePirate's Abridged Dictionary
From: Yesod
Yesod says: "not that you need it..... >__>; YAR!!!! XD"
ItemKick In The Nads
From: Pachmoedius
Pachmoedius says: "Use it wisely, Young Grasshopper"
ItemLeg Upgrade: "High Jump Boots"
From: Cinderella
ItemEQUIPPED: Bottle of Ramune named "Bottle of Rum flavored Ramune, Arrrr!"
ItemForehead-Mounted Duck Dildo

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