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These are Andrew's latest 4 posts in our forums.

Andrew 46 days ago on 03/01/14
So if you can't beat the SEA Source trace, the only ways to not die are Plascrete Carapace or... New Angeles City Hall?

This is a reply to the thread "Android: Netrunner is the Last Card Game" by Chrispy, posted in Otaku Chat

Andrew 2 months ago on 02/08/14
This was definitely a positive experience for us. We established a number of healthier habits, and if I can get superficial and toot our horns for a second, we both look better for sure. I lost 12 pounds and don't feel dumpy anymore when I take my shirt off and stand in front of the mirror.

This is a reply to the thread "OB Whole 30 in January" by LeeChan, posted in Gen. Chat

Andrew 3 months ago on 01/01/14
I'm a big fan of "sugar butt."

This is a reply to the thread "gr8 nicknames to call your significant other" by Lord Not-To-Fucked-With, posted in Gen. Chat

Andrew 5 months ago on 11/15/13
How did I miss this thread?
For a good battle, call 3711-7259-5313

This is a reply to the thread "3DS Friend Code Master Thread" by Cash, posted in Otaku Chat

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