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Buster Machine No. 7727
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About velcronomicon

Age: 34
Gender: M
Location: Boston, MA

Joined: 13 years ago on 01/06/07
Last Visit: 8 years ago
Type: Gold Member
Paid Member Privileges: Yes
Privileges Expire: 306 days from now

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Tell Us About Yourself...

Say hello, and tell us a bit about yourself!

“I'm a college grad, eurgh. I'm living in Somerville and basically trying to exist properly in the cliched real world.”

Current Relationship Status

“I'm in an exclusive relationship.”

What do you do for fun?

“I read SF, fantasy, and horror (mostly Lovecraft) constantly, I write poems, short stories, and I'm beginning work on a novel. I like to hang out with people in bars, play video and computer games, and listen to metal.”

What do you do? You know- job, school, freelance sorcery, etc.

“Working at Urban Outfitters and loving it, trying to establish proper contact with the Great Old Ones.”

What's your dream job?

“Eric Adams took it already”

Tell a funny story about yourself, or about something funny you own!

“six framed Frank Frazetta prints”

Who Are You Looking For?

Which gender are you interested in?


What kind of relationship are you looking for?

“Here to make friends only”

Describe the sort of person you're looking for!

“A METAL GODDESS. Or a cute girl who shares my interests.”

Do you think long distance relationships can work?

“Fine with me as long as visits are feasible”

Anime, Manga and Other Nerdy Stuff

Name some of your favorite anime and manga...

“I'm a pretty casual anime watcher. Some of my favorites are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Escaflowne, FLCL, Excel Saga, and Cowboy Bebop. I'm a big fan of Miyazaki as well, and these days I prefer a really good feature length movie to a series.”

What's some of your favorite music? What have you been listening to lately?

“Mostly metal, closely followed by alternative”

Into games? List your favorites!

“The Resident Evil and Silent Hill series, Shadow of the Colossus, Diablo II, KotoR, Warcraft III, various older console games, mostly SNES”

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