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These are aUdioquark's latest 4 posts in our forums.

aUdioquark 40 days ago on 03/15/14
Eyeball injuries, dreams where I break my teeth on concrete, the noise people make when they drink rapidly.

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aUdioquark 2 months ago on 02/12/14
I TOO AM DEBT FREE. I haven't been this happy in forever. I get to travel again!!!

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aUdioquark 3 months ago on 01/23/14
Two gross things:

1. When I took out one of my nipple piercings because I developed an abscess I guess the fistula didn't heal properly. About three days ago my right tit starts getting ungodly itchy but no big, I take off my bra and go back to sleep. I wake up and its still itchy. I take off my shirt to investigate and my nipple is misshapen and has a big honking puss filled nodule just staring me in the face. I go to drain it and it took me 30 minutes to get all the puss out. Its still kinda draining but I'm on antibiotics so I probably won't die from an infected boob.

2. My nuvaring j ...

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aUdioquark 3 months ago on 01/15/14
Also he sleeps in a shallow grave. Fucking metal.

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