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These are Devi's latest 4 posts in our forums.

Devi 3 months ago on 04/20/15
He took the news incredibly well. His ex girlfriend had come to the house to yell at him and I was hiding in his room. She didn't know I was there and I couldn't sneak to the bathroom without her hearing the door open soooo that's the story behind the above post.

It made him laugh. He took the bucket and buried the contents in the backyard and said "if someone told me that somebody would shit in my room and I'd be ok with it I'd ask 'what happened beforehand?'"

I pray he doesn't incorporate it into wedding vows someday.

This is a reply to the thread "Disgusting TMI" by mheart, posted in Pee Chat

Devi 3 months ago on 04/14/15
Forgive me for what I've just done. I just shat in a bucket of sand in my boyfriend's bedroom and then buried it like a cat. It still stinks. That'll be fun to explain to him when he comes in.

This is a reply to the thread "Disgusting TMI" by mheart, posted in Pee Chat

Devi 3 months ago on 04/08/15
Does Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt count because I looove this show! I wish the first season had been longer!

This is a reply to the thread "New Fall Shows" by LeeChan, posted in Otaku Chat

Devi 5 months ago on 02/19/15
What FB thread? Did Starfire post something? I never accepted his friend request. I personally check in here every couple weeks or so.

This is a reply to the thread "Thread for Checking in Cuz o' That FB Thread" by Matthew, posted in Gen. Chat

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