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These are Tiara's latest 2 posts in our forums.

Tiara 4 months ago on 07/13/14
I just finished watching it. I liked it overall. The characters being looking so similar was a bit confusing. And CGI is meh. I loved the theme song for some reason. It kind of reminded me of 80s and 90s animes.

This is a reply to the thread "Knights of Sidonia" by John Booty, posted in Otaku Chat

Tiara 5 months ago on 06/14/14
That is something they changed then, because it was not like that when they first implemented the premade soul builds. You were forced to go the premade build (minus points, you could ignore the directions) until you hit level to quest for the rest of the souls or buy them after the starting area (it was not cheap for someone just starting out, buying was mainly geared to alts of people sick of doing the quests). You did not get enough points in the starting zone for the having to redo your souls when your 2nd or 3rd to be a problem. And most successful builds had little to no points in the ...

This is a reply to the thread "So why arent you playing RIFT?" by nomad, posted in Otaku Chat

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