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Buster Machine No. 1639
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About Zagaroth

Age: 45
Gender: M
Location: Burlingame, CA

Joined: 16 years ago on 03/01/04
Last Visit: 14 months ago
Type: Founding Member (Lifetime)
Paid Member Privileges: Yes
Privileges Expire: Never!

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Tell Us About Yourself...

Say hello, and tell us a bit about yourself!

“Tech savy geek, with a taste for the exotic. After 10 years in the 'real world', i'm bouncing back into the military, this time in Avionics”

Current Relationship Status

“I'm in an exclusive relationship.”

What do you do for fun?

“well, in addition to other 'usual' stuff (read, surf net, hang out with friends and BS all night, etc), currently playing FF14, and brewing up what will hopefully be a regular DnD game with the players as Pirates. On Air Ships. THIS. IS. EBERRON! :-D”

What do you do? You know- job, school, freelance sorcery, etc.

“Currently working on microwave RF equipment for a tech company, and am an Avionics-Electronic Countermeasures technician for the California Air National Guard.”

What's your dream job?

“Writer! :) Or maybe video game designer. Though super-scientist would be neat. I'm scattered. Really, some sort of generalist job where all my various technical skills are useful would be perfect. No idea what that job is.”

Tell a funny story about yourself, or about something funny you own!

“hmmm, does owning swords and a kilt count as funny? :) Well, I did break into an old abandoned asylum once in Boston. Used Boken to test stairs.. safety first! (a small basement stair case did collapse after one strike...)”

Who Are You Looking For?

Which gender are you interested in?


What kind of relationship are you looking for?

“Friends, love, whatever. I'm open.”

Describe the sort of person you're looking for!

“I'm pretty open really. Obviously should share some of the same interests, but we don't have to agree on every thing. No head/heart games though. Just... no.”

Do you think long distance relationships can work?

“They can work, but are hard. Was recently in one, but no longer, due to complicated issues. Still very close friends.”

Anime, Manga and Other Nerdy Stuff

Name some of your favorite anime and manga...

“Angelic Layer, Cowboy bebop, El hazard, Excel Saga, FLCL, golden boy, Hellsing, Kiddy Grade, nedesico, noir, Princess Mononoke, Rurouni Kenshin, record of Lodoss war, Slayers, tenchi, trigun, Vampire Princess Miyu, One Peice, Bleach, etc”

What's some of your favorite music? What have you been listening to lately?

“Start at Beatles, cover everything from there to Queen, Depeche Mode, Metallica, Nightwish, Linkin' Park, etc. Skip over most rap and country, and include classical music (Mozart, Chopin, etc)”

What are some anime/manga/gaming-related interests you have? Watching anime, cons, collecting cels, etc...

“Watching Anime and playing video games of course, I am also a big AMV fan (I preffer funny ones), but I spend a lot of time hunting out science & tech news, love the history & discovery channels, etc. A fairly well rounded geek sort.”

If you go to conventions, what upcoming cons are you attending?

“Wondercon 2011 (San Francisco)”

Into games? List your favorites!

“Final fantasy (pretty much all), parasite eve 1&2, Baldur's gate, NWN, Lunar, Grandia II, Diablo 2(pure hack and slash, but fun!), star craft, Civilization”

Other Online Gaming Info

“FFBE is about it right now.”

Jaeger Assignment

Zagaroth is currently piloting HORRID FERRET with Eden

HORRID FERRET's special combat abilities are known to include:

  • Enlightenment Pound
  • Leopard's Missiles Eruption of Satisfaction

DOSSIER: Primary function is is to disable Kaiju and supply much-needed massages to other Jaegers. Cannot be damaged by violent Kaiju. Certainly historians will eventually celebrate the pilots for their role in Operation Unstoppable Ragnarok, during which most of Antarctica was destroyed in an effort to relieve boredom. One inconvenient drawback of this Jaeger type is that under very rare circumstances it will perform like a real pussy if either pilot is Mexican, which is really racist if you think about it. One thing is certain: these pilots are heroic and have one purpose, which is to destroy some Kaiju genitals.

MOST RECENT PSYCHE EVALUATION: Basically kind of hung out with monks in the dangerous foothills of Mexico City. Existence threw a fucking curveball when friends were killed by assassins. It was at the age of 23 that he had a sex change. Reluctantly spent the next several seconds battling for his life in a seriously shady toy store. Each grueling moment was a step closer to the sensitive touching that most people would stay the fuck away from.

Educated in a secret Buddhist temple where he studied some crazy advanced shit... I don't know, lasers or something... where it soon became apparent that absolutely nobody was ever going to give a shit about him.

After becoming a Jaeger Pilot, his debut fight against a kaiju was a completely insane crowd-pleaser despite falling in love with everybody in the Western Hemisphere. This was achieved despite running away from a Kaiju that had absolutely zero friends.

When the dust settled after the touching battle, pilot was reluctantly promoted to the general's dogwalker by his first grade teacher.

"The thing is," says a homeless guy we spoke to, "He'd be a lot worse at shit in general if he opened up his hearts. Ah, what are you going to do? Life is crazy like that."

Psyche eval recommendation: Needs copious amounts of coddling.

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