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ItemAll-New, Portable, Take-Anywhere Llama named "glub glub"
From: Countess D
Countess D says: "glub glub"
ItemFullmetal Schoolgirl Outfit named "I'll look even better on my bedroom floor"
From: Firecat
Firecat says: "Wanna see what's under the skirt? !rr"
ItemComfy Pillow named "PILLOWFIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!"
From: Oliphaunt
Oliphaunt says: "WHAP! Happy pillowfight!"
ItemKiss from senzafine named "It's the kiss...of DEATH"
From: Uppity Negress
Uppity Negress says: "It's the kiss...of DEATH"
ItemKeys to the Pussy Wagon named "Keys to Big Blue"
From: sutekihime
sutekihime says: "You might need this:)"
ItemHorse Weiner
From: Guu
ItemCoupon For Free *unf unf unf* named "Better than a silver ticket"
From: Okatu_Noir
ItemAutomail Arm named "THE STRANGER!!!"
From: shortyflirt24
shortyflirt24 says: "For auto-drinking when your regular arm can't pick up that beer!"
ItemLink's Bomb named "BLOW YOU UP"
From: ChickenEater
ChickenEater says: "How bout 2.5 kittens a day?"
ItemEQUIPPED: Nunchiaku named "Flailing agony on demand"
From: zeromig
zeromig says: "Welcome to OB!"

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