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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered here, see the "Ask A Question Or Get Help" tab to see how you can contact us. If you're looking for explanations of OtakuBooty culture, inside jokes and other folklore, check out the OtakuBooty Wiki. It is constantly being updated and added to by our members.

Table of Contents

What Is The Purpose Of OtakuBooty?

The purpose of this site is to help fans of anime, gaming, cosplay and manga to find other people who have the same interests. There are a lot of other matchmaking sites on the Internet, but how many of them are built around your interests?

Is This A "Singles" Site?

Yes and no. Most people will use it to look for people to date. But it's also a nice way to meet friends; if you're not looking for the romance thing, you can say so in your Profile!

Do I Have To Pay To Use OtakuBooty?

Registering for OtakuBooty is free. Free members get access to some of the site's features. If you like the site, you can always become a paid member and get access to all of the site's features!

Why Can't OtakuBooty Be Free?

Running the site costs money in terms of hosting fees. Also, if it's a full-time job for John Booty (and hopefully others at some point!) the site can grow to be much awesomer. The more time we can devote to the site, the better it can be.

Free members? Founding Members? Gold Members? What Are The Two Different Types of Memberships?

Founding Members were the first Members to sign up for the site, who have a chance to earn a free lifetime Membership. Gold Members are the next batch of Members, who can use the site for free until the end of the Beta test, and get an additional free month of Membership once the Beta Test is over and paid registration begins.

Why Use The Term "Otaku" In The Title? Isn't That a Negative Term?

In Japan, "otaku" literally means "house". It can also be used as a derogatory slang term for an extreme nerd or obsessive fan; somebody who never leaves the house. It's usually used to describe animation fans but it can apply to other sorts of nerds.

In recent years, though, animation fans outside of Japan have adopted the term for their own and given it a new meaning... sort of a cheeky badge of pride. It's used by many people as a term to describe dedicated anime fans in general, not just the smelly obsessive ones. :P

Here at OtakuBooty, we're using the second of the two meanings, the "good" one: this is a site for all fans of anime, gaming, cosplay and manga!

Is This Site Safe?

It's as safe as it can be. Members who abuse other Members will not be tolerated and will have their Memberships terminated.

One of the biggest goals of this site is the respect of peoples' privacy. When you become a Member and create a Profile, your contact information (email, instant messenger, website, etc) is only visible to the people you choose: you can choose whether it's visible to all Members, or if it's visible only to Members you've added to your Friends List. Or you can choose not to share your contact information at all. It's up to you.

Of course, all the usual precautions apply when it comes to people you meet through this site- be careful who you give your personal information to! If you're meeting somebody in person, be extra-safe and use common sense: meet them in public, don't go alone, etc... we keep the site as safe as possible, but we can't be responsible for anybody's actions!

Is This Site Safe For Children?

We're not an "adult" site, but generally OtakuBooty is recommended for people over 18. If you're under 18, parental permission and supervision is a must!

Are "Adult" Posts Allowed In The Forums? Can Children See Them?

Part of what makes OtakuBooty unique and fun is that members are free to discuss almost anything in the Forums. Of course, sometimes the talk can turn to more adult topics! This kind of talk is allowed, but it's hidden from those who are under 18. Once a post is marked as "Adult", it is no longer visible to those who are under 18. For those who are over 18, it will be marked with an "18+" icon so that those who don't wish to view that sort of material can avoid it. (Although, realistically, the 18+ rating will cause most people to FLOCK to that post, instead of keeping them away... you know how it is!)

There are two ways that a post can be flagged as "Adult". One, a member can voluntarily flag their post as "Adult" when they post it. Secondly, our forum moderators have the ability to mark posts as "Adult" if they see fit. I chose this system because it allows us to judge each post on a case-by-case basis instead of simply shutting off large portions of the site to those who are not 18.

The system is NOT in place to restrict what members can say- in fact, it's here to allow members maximum freedom! This way, members can say whatever they like, while making sure that their message doesn't land in the wrong ears. Remember, the purpose of OtakuBooty is to have FUN.

What Is The Criteria For an "Adult" Post?

Generally, things that are allowable in a PG-13 movie or in an issue of "Cosmo" are not considered adult. Sex talk is generally okay as long as it's relevant to some sort of discussion and isn't merely "porno talk". Somewhat-revealing pictures (cleavage, etc) are okay; if it's okay on Baywatch or prime-time television, it's okay here. Some profanity is perfectly okay, too- think about the difference in profanity between a PG-13 and an R movie, and that's where we draw the line too.

"Adult" posts are ones which contain pictures with full nudity- this includes picture of genitals, pubic hair, or bare female nipples. Excessive sex talk that sounds like it came out of a porno will also be marked as "Adult".

Who's Responsible For This Mess?

John Booty is responsible for most of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the creation of OtakuBooty! This was his idea and he designed the site, wrote all the code, and generally took his sweet-ass time finishing it.

None of this would have been possible without the support of his friends, his girlfriend, the dedicated volunteers at BootyProject, or the wonderful Ayaka who was nice enough to donate artwork!

I'd Like To Discuss Business With OtakuBooty!

We don't sell our members' information, but we'd love to hear about any other ideas you have! If you sell anime or gaming-related projects, we may be interested in promoting your product or website. We'd also be interested in hearing from webmasters from any similar sites, because we think a collaboration could be winning situation for everybody.

How Do I Cancel My Account?

If You Have A Recurring PayPal Subscription ($4/month or $15/year)

Recurring subscription cancellations are done through your PayPal account. Please note that, for your safety and security, OtakuBooty does not have your financial information on record. We cannot create nor cancel your subscription. Only you can do that. This is for your security.

  1. Log In to your PayPal account
  2. Click the History tab
  3. Click the Details of the subscription in question
  4. Click Cancel Subscription
  5. You have successfully canceled the subscriber's subscription

Your account will still have paid privileges for the remainder of the time period you paid for. In other words, if you are charged a monthly subscription payment on March 1st and cancel on March 2nd, your paid member privileges will remain active until April 1st and you will not be charged again. Once your paid member privileges have expired, your OB account will still exist. You can always use the free features or re-upgrade to paid member privileges in the future.

If You Don't Have A Recurring PayPal Subscription

Then there's nothing you need to do. Currently, there's no "delete my OtakuBooty account" feature. You can delete your profile information and pictures, of course, or update your profile to say that you're no longer using the site. Your account will remain active in case you ever wish to return. We hope to see you again someday.

Why Does OB Run On Windows? Why Not Linux?

Let's get this out of the way first: If I was starting a new project today, I'd probably pick Linux. The whole open-source thing is closer to my heart than Microsoft is. But here's why we're on Windows...

Reason #1 Why We're On Windows: I didn't know anything about LAMP or the other Linux web development stacks back in 2002-2003 when I started playing around with the concept of this site. It was just a fun spare-time project so I coded in what I knew.

Reason #2 Why We're On Windows: We've got around 30,000 lines of ASP and SQL Server code. It would take me perhaps half a year to translate that to PHP, Rails, or whathaveyou. Perhaps longer once we consider testing and so forth. It's just not worth it for me at this point.

Reason #3 Why We're On Windows: It's been good for us. I know you kids like to talk about "m1cro$oft sux0rz" or whatever, and they often frustrate me as well, but the Microsoft platform has been fast and stable for us. I've been working with Microsoft SQL Server (we're on MSSQL 2000) for almost ten years and it's a joy to work with. OtakuBooty has served tens of millions of page views and hundreds of millions of database queries over the years and it's done so on modest hardware shared with other web sites. Windows has served us well. Would Linux have done an even better job for us? Quite possibly! But the fact is that Windows has provided a good platform for OB for years. That is indisputable.

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