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OtakuBooty's Simple-Ass Rules

We're still revising this new version of the rules. Special thanks to Ali for her help. Have a suggestion? See this forum thread and let your suggestion be heard.

The main thing to remember is that all OtakuBooty members have a right to feel safe from harassment. While you generally have the freedom to do whatever you like on OtakuBooty, your freedom ends where othersí rights begin.

What The Icons Mean

Ettiquette. These are tips on how to fit into the OB community and enjoy it. Failure to follow these could make people think youíre a dumbass.

Rules. These are rules you absolutely must follow. Failure to follow them could get you banned from OtakuBooty.

General Conduct and Safety

OtakuBooty is extremely dedicated to ensuring the safety of its users. This is doubly true when it comes to the safety of our younger members. While a certain amount of bantering and bickering is expected (and encouraged) on the forums, this should never leave the forums. Our members have a right to feel safe and we will not hesitate to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to ensure this safety.

Do not share sexually explicit materials with members under the age of 18. This applies to private messages, Friends-Only Pictures, or any other form of communication. This is illegal, immoral and will get you banned and/or reported to law enforcement.

Site features exist to be used. Features like the friends list, profile views, comments and private messages are meant to facilitate communication between our members and help you make new and interesting friends. Don't be surprised when someone has leaves you a friendly comment or attempts to strike up a conversations. That's why you're here, right?

Site features do not exist to be abused. Using site features to harass other members will put you on the fast track to either becoming a social pariah and internet creep-o or just get you banned.


Friending doesnít mean youíre married. Donít complain just because somebody you donít know friended you. Maybe they just think youíre interesting.


Lurk before you post. Read the forums for a while before jumping in and posting. Reading this primer on the OtakuBooty forums is also a good idea.

Advice threads. If you choose to make part of your personal life public business on the boards (ie, asking for advice on personal matters) be prepared for the fact that you may not like some of the responses

Not everybody is equal on the forums. If you dish it out, be prepared to take it.

No spam. Donít advertise commercial services on the forums without asking John Booty. Generally heíll say yes as long as itís relevant to our members' common interest: games, anime, manga, etc.

Exception to the above rule. Itís always okay to promote anime and gaming-related events in the Events forum as long as you do it respectfully (no excessive thread bumping, etc) You donít need to ask permission.

Say what you want. Generally, OBís forums are a free speech zone. We do not force users to ďplay niceĒ.

Exceptions to the free speech rule: Some things are not tolerated on the forums: racist comments, links to illegal materials such as child pornography or download/torrent sites for copyrighted media such as music or anime that is licensed in the United States. Links to torrent sites that specialize in non-U.S.-licensed anime such as are allowed.

Exception to the free speech rule: No posting of sexually explicit material if you're under 18. This applies to pictures and, in some cases, words. Serious sex discussions and/or advice are okay (and even encouraged) but graphic tales of how your boyfriend fingerbanged you last night are not. Over-18 members are encouraged to be as raunchy as they feel like being, but please remember to click the "this is not for kids" checkbox before posting -- it's appreciated and saves us the work of doing it for you later.

No Excessive trolling or shitting up the forums. If you post excessive amounts of unadulterated drivel, you will be banned. Usually we'll warn you first, mostly almost all the time. Remember, your rights end where others' begin.

Friends-Only Pictures (FOPs)

Think before sharing private photos with people you donít know. This is especially true if youíre a man - girls you donít know probably donít want to see a close-up of your privates. At least not right away.

Know the risk. Understand that once you post something to the Internet, itís possible for others to share it. Only share photos with people you trust. If youíre uncomfortable with this risk, donít share it.

If you're under 18. Never upload revealing photos of yourself to OB. It is illegal for us to have these on our server and you put OB at risk if you do so. If your picture is more revealing than a bathing suit you could legally wear in public (exposed privates or female nipples) or contains sexual activity (masturbation or otherwise) you need to keep it off of OB.

Even if you are over 18. Donít share revealing or sexual images that were taken when you were under 18. You must be at least 18 when the photo was taken. Again, this is the law.

Be a jerk, get banned. Donít share Friends-Only Pictures with people that arenít authorized to see them. Do not post them elsewhere on the Internet. This is disrespectful and will get you banned.

Keep younger members safe. If you are over 18, donít share explicit photos with members under 18. You can still add them to your Friend List, of course. By default, under-18 members are automatically blocked from viewing your FOPs when you add them to your Friend List.

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