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Moderator Guide

This guide is for moderators, but it's being made visible to everybody in the spirit of openness.

The purpose of moderation is to make the forums a better place. These means fostering discussion and discourse. Members should be free to discuss whatever they like as long as they are not infringing on other members' enjoyment of OtakuBooty.

Moderation isn't supposed to be "work", it's just something you can do while you're enjoying the forums. You're not "obligated" to do anything just because you're a mod!

Modding posts up is meant to create incentive to forum people to post good shit.

Moderation on OtakuBooty is pretty low-key compared to other boards: most mods can't delete or lock posts or threads. You're not sworn to secrecy or anything, but there's no "mod" tag next to your name, either. The whole purpose of this is to avoid the "mods versus everybody else" mentality that can surface on some boards when egos get out of control.

The actual act of moderation is simple: you'll see a list of options next to each post. Simply click on the appropriate option. Everything you do can be undone, so do NOT be afraid to click "the wrong thing".

18+ Posts

Your help in marking posts as 18+ is appreciated! The truth is that things will come down to a judgement call most of the time. Keep in mind that if you make the very first post in a thread 18+, the *entire* thread will be 18+ and hidden from the eys of youngins. However, marking any other post as 18+ only hide that individual post from those who are under 18.

Things that are 18+

  • Basically, anything that couldn't be shown in a PG-13 movie, prime-time television, or appear in a magazine found at the supermarket
  • Pictures of genitals (full or partial)
  • Exposed female nipples
  • "Porno talk"... serious sex discussions are okay, but posts like "I f___ed this b_tch, her ____ was so nice" would obviously be not okay for children.
  • Links to porn or extremely nasty stuff. Again, this is a judgement call.

Things that aren't 18+

  • Cleavage, swimsuit/underwear pictures. (Although, people under 18 shouldn't be posting this sort of thing of themselves. Please flag these for review)
  • Mature sex talk, like an actual serious discussion of sex that isn't the "porno talk" described above. Examples: discussions about breast cancer or birth control or other health issues.
  • Profanity. You can cuss here.

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