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AliChat -- Lesson 5: How to Turn it Around

So basically, you've ignored all of my suggestions so far and now everyone thinks you're a total gorg and never wants to associate with you in any way. With con season in full swing, and Bootycon on its way, you're suddenly wondering if you can undo the damage caused by your forum asshattery.
Fear not! Though you may not be able to make a second first impression, you can always take advantage of OB's goldfish-like memory and come back strong.

How to Appreciate Death Metal

I see my personalized Google home page when I open a browser and one of the things listed in it at the bottom is the How to of the Day. Today's listing is How to Appreciate Death Metal.

I know that Booty himself needs no lessons on Death Metal appreciation or How to Do Harsh Death Metal Vocals, but even he may get something new of out the band listings (including a band named Anal Bleeding) and the enormously helpful tips like this one:

The genre "death metal" has been extensively separated and sub-categorized, so to label a band as simply "death metal" can be a little vague.

Armed with your new-found appreciation, you can then learn How to Apply Corpsepaint so you can really look the part.

PS3 Pre-Launch Madness

As expected, hardcore gamers and eBay resellers are lining up early at retailers across the country for Friday's launch of Playsta-- er, sorry, PLAYSTATION 3.

The Tuesday prior to launch, I visited the Best Buy in Willow Grove, PA, and witnessed at least 12 people camping out. I was pretty shocked, considering this is lowly suburban Philadelphia. The following day, I returned to a line of 30 people! With at least 36 hours until launch, I decided to survey the crowd and find out what's up.

The first group in line claimed their spot at 2AM Monday night/Tuesday morning. Of that first tent, I confirmed the purchase of two PS3's, one by a mother as a gift, and the other going right up towards eBay. I questioned his motives, noting that eBay is pretty damn saturated with PS3s, but he seemed adamant that if he waits about two weeks before Christmas, he'll reap the big bucks.

Next down the line was a massive group of about 8 guys and 2 girls reluctant to be interviewed, but they seem to be mostly in it for the eBay. Continuing down, I encountered a genius: He's going to be selling the PS3 he acquires and using the profits to buy Wii stuff! Now that's my kinda guy.

Amused yet slightly disheartened by the eBay-to-keep ratio, which was about 4 to 1, I didn't bother asking about launch titles or anything else. By the end of the line, there really wasn't anything worth reporting on. No cool tent setups or anything of that sort. Just a group of dedicated gamers, and salesmen, with the weather on their side (EDIT: Hahah, correction, it's now windy and rainy on Thursday), and hopes that shiny black waffle iron will be theirs.

Or, at least, the money from it.

Dune Buggy 56: Stop & Pop

Jimmy's always looking for fresh emergence holes.

Iris Press Interview: Kellie Lynch Speaks

Like most small businesses, OtakuBooty is a labor of love. Because I'm vain and lonely I have a fondness for other small nerds that decided to take a shot at changing an industry instead of just complaining about it on messageboards1.

This is our second interview with such a person. Today we're interviewing Kellie Lynch, whom some of you already know as SunTyger here on OtakuBooty. She recently launched Iris Print and aims to fill a gap in the publishing industry. "I had a few ideas of my own about what the American boys' love publishing industry needed," says Kellie. "Within a month, I'd drafted a business plan and formed the company..."

1 Of course, I still complain on messageboards. The difference is that it's my messageboard now. Which is actually really sad. But this is Kellie's story, not mine.

AliChat -- Lesson 4: THE FORUMS

So, if you've been following along, you've got a profile and photos that don't make you seem like a child molester, a rapport with fellow OB members that doesn't make you seem creeptacular, and you're ready to go out and conquer the forums. To help you not fail miserably here, I've prepared a few a notes.

Dune Buggy 54: Special Victims Unit

AliChat --- Lesson 3: How to Not Sound Creepy

This wasn't an article I thought I'd have to write, but man... you guys can be some creepy-ass fucks!
While, undoubtedly, this is intentional for some of you, I've compiled a list of the features most commonly abused by creepwads, and tried to explain how to use the feature without sounding like a creepface.
There are certainly some members that could never sound creepy if they tried ("Mr. Booty: some hot chick keeps sending me adult comments and it's making me uncomfortable!" is not a complaint I forsee John having to investigate), but come on... that's not you, and you know it.

Dune Buggy #50 - Sin Shitty

This one should have been up a long time ago! I drew this back when SIN CITY came out in the theaters, so it's not very relevant any more. When has Dune Buggy ever been relevant?

Enjoy some sort of anniversary or something, bitches!

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