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OB at MAGFest 2014

Everybody knows that MAGFest, which lists our own Nick the Newbie among its senior staff, is the world's best convention music and gaming festival.

Here's a few of our members that attended this year. It wasn't an official OB meetup, but there sure were a lot of us at the panel hosted by OBers Matt Mercer's and Zach Grafton's.

MAGFest 2013

OtakuBooty members were in full force again at MAGFest this year! MAGFest, run by OB alum Nick the Newbie and his cohorts, literally rocks. Great people, great staff, great music. We'd like to extend public thanks to all of the OB members that warmed our time at MAGFest along with all of the dedicated volunteers that made this convention fest possible.

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BootyCon 2012

BootyCon 2012 was another fantastic gathering! Our sixth annual BootyCon get-together was held in beautiful Marina Del Rey in sunny California. We're going through withdrawal already. Is it time for BootyCon 2013 yet?

From marinasaurus rex - (s)Aint Chimo - (s)Aint Chimo -

MAGFest 2011

OtakuBooty was out in full force at MAGFest 2011. Usually we're too busy drinking and partying to have a booth or a table, but thanks to Hunky Dory's idea and jizzloads of amazing volunteer members we got off of our collective asses and represented.

And yes, there was DUCT TAPE COSPLAY. You should not be satisfied with the small -- yet impossibly sexual -- selection of pictures below. You should click on the link below and look at all 45 glorious photos. That is what you need.

View 45 OtakuBooty MAGFest pictures on Flickr...

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God, Finally

So I said to myself, "I'm not updating this fucking blog until that Andrew W.K. guy puts a bunch of OBers in the album art for his latest CD release."

Here's the album art, thanks to stalwart awesome guy Pope Corky XVIII.

And here's the original picture of mostly-OBers dressed as AWK at Dragon*Con 2009:

Here's the forum thread where you can find out which outrageously virile men and melted plutonium-hot womenfolk are -- damn, I couldn't even type that with a straight face, but I love you all -- in that picture.

OtakuBooty At Katsucon 2009

Once again, OtakuBooty was the coolest group at Katuscon - if you weren't hanging out with us, you might have missed the best parties and friendliest people. I had a wonderful time seeing all of you and a single weekend isn't nearly enough time to spend with you.

See all 159+ of my photos of OtakuBooty at Katsucon 2009 over at Flickr!

You may also want to check out fukkake's photos, Ree's photos, and Pixie~'s photos.

Feel free to link to your own photo galleries in the comments!

DSC_9579 DSC_9880 DSC_9810 DSC_9685 DSC_9698 DSC_9900

OtakuBooty at Katsucon 2008

As usual, the OtakuBooty gang had a great time at Katsucon again this year. Otakon is a little too big and spread out for most of us, leaving Katsucon as the main OtakuBooty con for most of our East Coast members and a good deal of the West Coast members.

You can see all 100+ of my Katsucon 2008 photos here. Also worth checking out are photosets from ErinHime, MPsy, RogueSamus, Patty Boh, and quite a few others listed on this forum thread.

Below are a few favorites of mine. First, the obligatory group shot.

All aboard the Man Train.

For fanservice's sake, here's OB's own PamelaNeko as a very kickass Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Behold, the JUMBO SLICE. That's not a perspective trick, kids. Those slices really were that big.

Onward & Upward: The Future of Anime in American Markets

Forum stalwart and poster extraordinaire Joshua "Fievel" Kaplowitz brings us his report from Anime Expo 2007's industry panel on the future of anime.

The next few years are going to be pivotal ones for the anime industry. The entertainment industry in general is moving away from physical media such as DVDs and CDs and towards digital forms of distribution, something anime fans have been on the cutting edge of since the earliest days of affordable broadband and peer-to-peer file sharing.

Read on to find out what industry figures such as Tony Oliver of Bang Zoom! and Anime TV, Peter Heumiller of Comcast Select OnDemand, Justin Sevakis of ImaginAsian TV, Leo Chu of MTV and SpikeTV, and Eric Calderon of Gonzo Entertainment think about emerging issues as digital downloads, the future of anime on cable television, joint American-Japanese productions, and everybody's favorite topic - piracy.

Where Do We Go From Here?

OB special reporter Joshua Kaplowitz brings us a special report from Anime Expo on the future of the industry in America. At an industry roundtable discussion, representatives from industry heavyweights such as ADV and Bandai discussed a wide-ranging set of topics including treatrical distribution, fansubs, and more.

A professionally-written article on OtakuBooty? You don't say! Read on for an unusually well-written report.

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