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ItemEQUIPPED: Handcuffs named "I used these when we first met"
From: B======D
B======D says: "To subdue the naughty Polynesian Dancer"
ItemBi Curi-O's Cereal named "Breakfast for both sides of the table"
From: Kimchi Maker
ItemMost Amazing Thing Ever!!!! named "C. Viper's Dead Baby Scream"
From: B======D
B======D says: "I bought this with MY FIGHT MONEY!!!!!"
ItemPoke-ball named "I CAUGHT A WABAFFETTTTTTT!!"
From: B======D
B======D says: "Best part!"
ItemCockblast of Vengence named "Best birthday present ever"
From: DifferentlySane
DifferentlySane says: "Happy Birthday Nana!!"
ItemTechnique Scroll: "Flying *UNF*"
From: (s)Aint Chimo
(s)Aint Chimo says: ";)"
ItemCoupon For Free *unf unf unf*
From: CalenKitty
CalenKitty says: "redeem anytime, anywhere prior to the zombie apocalypse"
ItemPimp Hat named "Gotta keep dem bitches in line"
From: bagelbyheart
bagelbyheart says: "To help with the afformentioned bitches"
ItemHello Kitty Vibrator named "Ahhh! Kimochi~"
From: Grundle
Grundle says: "To go with your hello kitty fop"
ItemWand Of Destruction named "SUCK ON THIS, JOHNBOOTY"

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