OtakuBooty Press and Media Guide

The Original Community and Dating Site For Intelligent Fans of Japanese Animation, Manga, and Gaming

As of mod-2010, OtakuBooty has over 22,000 members and growing.

Interview/press opportunities

We want to help you write about OtakuBooty! We're friendly and no project is too small. Whether you're covering OB for your Livejournal or for the cover of Time Magazine, we're always available for interviews. Email interviews are preferred, but whatever works for you is fine.

Need content for your blog or podcast? Want to interview the talkative, round mound of fun responsible for this mess? Contact us at preroject.org to arrange an interview with webmaster John Booty. The easy part is getting him to agree to an interview; the hard part is shutting him up.

Promote OtakuBooty / Cross-promotional opportunities

Want to link to OtakuBooty from your site? We have a number of OtakuBooty banners and buttons available here.

OtakuBooty is also open to cross-promotional opportunities. Think your readers or customers would enjoy OB? Think OB's members would enjoy your product? We can work something out.

What makes OtakuBooty’s community truly special?

OtakuBooty has a tight-knit community that has banded together for countless activities: a Full Monty-style fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims, raising money for a member who lost his apartment in a fire, and even clothing themselves in custom-made OtakuBooty hockey jerseys. A small subset of particularly deranged members have even fallen in love and gotten engaged.

And then there are the infamous parties.

What makes OtakuBooty different from the competition?

OtakuBooty prides itself on finding the best members, not the most members. We’re content to let MySpace grow to include every living organism on Earth. OtakuBooty will continue to be a home for the smartest, the funniest, and the sexiest.

Is OtakuBooty elitist?

Kinda. In the real world, elitism refers to people that accomplish great deeds or possess great sums of money and power: captains of industry, royalty, scientists, and professional athletes. On OtakuBooty, we just want people to be able to type and speak in complete sentences. This is seen by some as elitism. You decide.

What unique features does OtakuBooty have?

OtakuBooty was built from scratch on custom-developed software with an emphasis on community development and togetherness. Other anime "dating" sites are built with generic, pre-built, cookie-cutter software.

No “avatars” are allowed; all members use real photographs of themselves. Nearly all the content on OtakuBooty, from pre-formatted profile comments to graphical site themes, comes from members themselves.

One example: The special Friends-Only Pictures galleries. Members can maintain a separate gallery of pictures that are visible only to people they’ve marked as friends. As you might guess, these can be interesting.

Why is there a small fee to gain full membership privileges on OtakuBooty when many other sites are free?

This is key to our success. Taking a cue from the SomethingAwful forums, we implemented this fee because it encourages positive participation in the community. Nobody wants to pay money just to misbehave on the forums and get thrown off the site.

Another factor is that OtakuBooty does not typically accept paid advertising from other sources. We're independent; we don't want to have to answer to advertisers.

Why is OtakuBooty so infamous?

Since its public debut in early 2004, OB has ruined the careers of prominent anime magazine editors and writers, cosplay fanatics and voice actors alike. Rival anime-themed dating sites have been shamed off of the web after OtakuBooty outed their staff's racist and misogynistic stances. Members have lost jobs thanks to OtakuBooty, and we've adopted a particularly lethal brand of lung cancer as our offical mascot.

Still, the love affair continues. Our members embrace our particularly literate and brutal brand of affection. The heart of OtakuBooty may be filled with an oily black ichor instead of the warm red blood of the living, but it's also filled with something resembling that which you humans call "love".

Last update: Aug 2010