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Marmalade Boy, Graphic Novel Vol. 1

It all started when Miki Koshikawa’s parents return from vacation and decide that they’re getting a divorce… Except it’s not quite that simple. Yuu Matsuura’s parents are getting divorced after their vacation as well, but again, it’s not quite that simple… Yuu and Miki’s parents have decided to swap partners, and on top of that, they are ALL going to move into the SAME house.As for other characters---in the first graphic novel you will get to meet Meiko, she’s Miki’s best friend in school. You will also be introduced to Ginta, who Miki used to like 3 years ago, they were the closest of friends but after telling him her feelings she was rejected and the two stopped talking. Recently the two have started talking again and it seems as though Ginta might have feelings for Miki…except Miki seems to be falling for Yuu, despite their initial troubles at first. By the end of the graphic novel #1 you will also be introduced to Arimi…the ‘competition’ per say as she used to date Yuu a while ago.I haven’t seen the anime version yet, but the manga really is great from what I’ve read so far. I do warn you though, if you plan to buy the first one, get the second one as well with it---there’s a nice cliffhanger at the end of the first, and I’m STILL dying to know what happened! Tokyo Pop is the company that chose to release this, which is great since not only is it affordable (about $10) it’s also in the original right to left format. Yoshizumi Wataru does a splendid job at illustrating the characters; you won’t be disappointed.Buy it from Amazon: Marmalade Boy #1

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