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Star Kingdoms

Star Kingdoms (SK for short) is an online free multiplayer game. It is free due to the excessive banners you see popping up everywhere. That I would have to say is the game's major annoyance, but aside from that, the actual game I love and, over the past several games, have become quite addicted to.So what is Star Kingdoms? It is an online real-time stratedgy based game. You are given a kingdom. You are placed in a sector with 19 other kingdoms. You will vote on a sector leader who can bring your sector to victory or demise...and that person will then place your sector in an alliance of other sectors. You must build various buildings (to hold and / or produce: population, military, power, money & probes). You must explore and / or attack other kingdoms to gain more land to build on. You must build up your military which you can base on several different strategies of troops. You must research bonus's and new technology. You must carefully select a land type that will greatly impact the automatic bonus's and losses your kingdom is entitled to.Now, you must be thinking, what proves that you are becoming a strong and great powerful kingdom? That is where you networth comes into play. Networth is based on the various things you build and the types and amounts of troops you train. Everyone's goal is usually to gain the highest networth.All in all, the game is very much addictive. You get to meet people from all over (there are a lot of English players...I've also met people from Germany and Australia too). You learn how to strategize and how to plot your own victory. There are a few things I would warn the beginner player though--- a) log in at least once every 48 hours...if you don't you will be considered inactive and possibly attacked by your own sector mates b) do not attack sector mates or others in your alliance unless you have been told they are an inactive, and lastly, c) ask for help from regular players befo

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