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Animal Crossing - the Girly Review!

Truth be told, Shilarva picked up Animal Crossing because last week I said something to the effect of "This looks like a game I would play. And it looks like we can play together!!" (He's big on games we can play together.) So, we trekked to the mall last night to plunk down the $10 pre-order fee just so we could come back the very next night to purchase it! (OK...OK...we went to hunt down a copy of Hyper Police for me, but alas, I think there are no copies in the entire Philadelphia area *sob!* )

Onto the review!! First off, the game takes up so much memory that it comes with its OWN DAMN MEMORY CARD. Anyway, you start off the game with the mandatory options selections to make the game all perfect for you. Then you find yourself on a train, talking to a cat (who actually asks you to set the time because the game is VERY time oriented). Your character is moving from some unknown place to . However, you have no money, no house and no friends. (What were you THINKING?!?!) So, the very-useful-cat hooks you up with a friend who gets you a house and a job.

The rest of the game (so far, I've only played for an hour) is very Sims-like. You spend your time working at your job, meeting the townspeople and generally trying to get your new life in order. It's a very cool game, made for just about everyone. The cool thing is you can also get this thing called an e-Reader. (Yes, we bought one of those too.) The e-Reader lets you swipe various cards and upload the data to your Gameboy Advanced then send it onto your AC game on your GameCube. For example, You can swipe the AC card that comes with the e-Reader and you get a special package in your mailbox. The package contains an old-school Donkey Kong game and an old-school ExciteBike game that you can It's a pretty awesome feature.

The down side is that while it's a "four player game," all f

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