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GTO, Graphic Novel Vol. 1

Great Teacher Onizuka. That’s what Eikichi Onizuka has decided he wants his title to be when he becomes the greatest high school teacher ever. The 22 year old virgin / ex-bike gang member definitely has his work cut out for him. This 2nd degree black belt will have to learn how to clean up his foul mouth and quick temper if he plans on becoming the greatest teacher.
The manga likes to continually point out Onizuka’s virginity. This reoccurring theme often provides a turning point for comic relief. Can he resist all the cute high school girls or will his lustful desires be his downfall? Will he ever have company over that doesn’t come across his endless stashes of porn littered across the house? Probably not, but that’s what makes having company over all the more humorous.
Onizuka has by far the most effective method of handling the class bullies. In class he tends to put up with bullies by grinning and bearing it. However, after school, when the sun sets, is an entirely different situation.
So how does Onizuka decide that he wants to become a teacher after 6 years of misdirection in Tokyo? By meeting a pretty high school student who chooses her balding boyfriend teacher over a night in a love hotel with him. Oddly enough though he never can find himself going through with this idea when he actually starts his teacher training… Maybe one day he will get past his morals, but in the first graphic novel they hold strong. Yet again, another affordable $10 buy from TokyoPop. Buy it from Amazon: GTO #1

Editor's Note: Hideki in Chobits is always unsuccessfully trying to hide his porn, too. I think this is an emerging trend! I guess we've all had our "stash" discovered at one point. Well, I mean, I don't have one, but, uh... *cough*... -Booty

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