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Maico 2010, Graphic Novel Vol. 1

At first glance, the summary on the back cover makes this manga seem about as normal as any other. A story about “the world’s sexiest android DJ” seems like your average but unique plot. Read down a few lines to where it explains that she was designed to “probe the intricacies of the human heart (and male libido)” and suddenly Toto, you realize that we’re not in Kansas anymore.
Your eyes now wander to what they missed before, the “for mature readers” warning located next to the summary. Flick through a couple of pages and you’ll probably come across was Animerica likes to refer to as “complimentary breasts”. You may also come across a few times, the word “sexdroid”, though that right there is quite the spoiler so I won’t get into any explanations.
The year is 2010 and the latest radio craze sweeping Japan is Maico, a female android. Her creator, Masudamasu, is a rather straightforward woman, except when it comes to talking about her second job, which she tends to be rather elusive about. Maico lives with Matsuo, who is more or less Masudamasu’s right hand man. Although he is occasionally put into compromising situations with Maico, Matsuo is a kind-hearted man who never takes advantage of her.
In addition to this graphic novel, I’ve also had the privilege of seeing the anime versions first episode on fan sub. I can’t be certain yet until I see more of the anime, but I think the manga might be focusing more on Maico’s sexdroid aspect than the overall continuous humor as seen in the anime. Either way, sexual and non-sexual humor will keep you laughing throughout. Another affordable $10 buy, but this time not from Tokyo Pop but rather Comics One instead. Toshimitsu Shimizu has done a wonderful job on character design, as emotions can easily be viewed in his character’s faces. You won’t be disappointed.
Available at Amazon: Maico 2010, Volume

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