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Problems With The End Of Evangelion DVD

Shilarva pointed out this thread on the AnimeOnDVD forums concerning the problems with the End Of Evangelion DVD.

According to the posts on this forum, the problems with the End Of Evangelion are quite severe, with the disc locking up or not playing at all on a wide variety of DVD players, and bugs in the language/subtitle selection menus.

Manga's been guilty of releasing shoddy DVD's in the past, and then never fixing them. Most notably, their release of Gainax's Wings Of Honneamise had poor image quality on all DVD players and was nearly unwatchable on some DVD players in particular. They denied the problem and never released a corrected version or offered to refund their customers' money.

I haven't given Manga any money since the Wings of Honneamise incident. I was planning to buy the End Of Evangelion DVD, but now I definitely won't unless they recall the defective discs and replace them at no cost to their customers. This is the second excellent movie by Studio Gainax that's been mangled by Manga. Between shoddy quality and their refusal to release fan favorites Gunbuster and Giant Robo on DVD, Manga Entertainment isn't winning a lot of fans. Time to vote with your money, I guess.

Given that this is one of their most-expensive and highest-profile releases to date, I think there's a fairly good chance they'll address this issue. I'll be sure to post an update if they do. I hope they get their act together before they release Read Or Die, Gunbuster or Giant Robo.

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