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Domu: A Child's Dream

From the creator of Akira (Katsuhiro Otomo) comes another mind churning experience. The supernatural is causing problems again, but this time without the government behind its cause. Here, the police aren’t even aware at first of the supernatural human being responsible for the recent mysterious suicides in a specific apartment complex. They all seem to be rare and odd coincidences, but the police have a suspicion that there’s more here than meets the eye.
Unfortunately for the police, they cannot touch the old man. It will be up to a young girl with amazing psychic powers all her own. Entitled “A Child’s Dream” under Domu, it sheds light on how this young girl, Etsuko, may view all of this chaos. It is merely a dream to her and she can’t be harmed. Meanwhile, detective Takayama keeps drawing closer and closer to solving the mystery, if he can survive long enough.
By the end, Etsuko has greatly matured from the young playful child we first meet. Many intense graphic situations shape her into this different persona. She is far more than just your average child, just as the old man is much more than a shriveled up elder. Appearances mean nothing when you’re reading Domu.
Averaged around $18 from Dark Horse Comics. It’s printed at a decent size, somewhat taller in length in comparison to Tokyo Pop novels, you get what you pay for after all. If you enjoy Otomo’s creative story lines and emotion filled artistry, you will not be disappointed by this work of art.Buy it from Amazon: Domu (On sale for $12.57!)

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