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Magic User’s Club, Vol. 1, VHS, Subtitled

Meet Sae Sawanoguchi, a young, cute, and klutzy girl who is one of the newest members to her high school’s “Magic User’s Club”. She’s a red head with a funky hair do and coincidently gets to wear the uniform with the red trimmings on it. The colors assigned to each characters outfits are all quite fitting for them. There is also Akane Aikawa, a sassy boyfriend getter girl who wears a beautiful shade of blue on her trimmings. Then there’s Nanaka Nakatomi, Sae’s best friend, is a quick-tempered girl who only joined the club for Sae and because she has a crush on one of the leaders, Ayanojyo Aburatsubo. Ayanojyo is a longhaired and extremely gay male who constantly hits on the other leader, Takeo Takakura. The two leaders both wear white trimmings and Nanaka’s trimmings are yellow. When I refer to trimmings above, I am referring to the colors used to accent their primarily black uniforms.

So onto the actual plot. Jeff-kun! Ok, Jeff-kun isn’t exactly part of the whole plot, but he is this adorable teddy bear of Sae’s that keeps reoccurring every now and then in the series. The Magic User’s Club shares space in the high school with the manga club. While the school may think their only purpose is to work on illusions and fake magic, the club is actually made up of students studying true sorcery. These magicians in training have one main goal, to fight against the invading alien that the earth forces are defenseless against. Little is known of these aliens invading in odd shaped machines that show no signs of life. I don’t know if anything is found out later, but in episodes 1 & 2 of the OVA (found on this tape) they do not discover anything specific.

Characters are drawn in quite a creative way…in fact if you’d like to see a group shot, go and read my article on starting an anime club, John used one of the group shots in the pictures on that page. I do love the style Sae’s hair was drawn in…obviously far from a realistic hair type,

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