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Being Unemployed: The Non-Movie

I can't really say much about it other than it's hilarious, sick, disgusting and everything you'd think it would be.

Yeah, so seriously, my company laid almost everybody off today. It pretty much sucked! Therefore I'm asking for donations to help me keep Bootyproject running. If you've enjoyed Bootyproject over the years, please donate a buck or two.

I've never intended to make any money from this site, because it's fun for us to produce and I want it to be fun for everybody to read, with no annoying pop-ups or banner ads. However it costs me money to pay for hosting each month! If you all can help me by using the link on the upper right to donate a dollar or two, we can keep this thing running.

Thanks for your time, and I now return you to the regularly-scheduled nonsense that is! Oh, and I'm giving unemployment 0.5 instead of a 0 because while I didn't get any severance pay whatsoever, they bought us lunch and I stole a stapler. So it's not like my day totally sucked.

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