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I haven't even begun to scratch the surface on this game, but I am really loving it. Its not just more of the same old same old for one. Konami has decided to throw in "Freeze" steps. Aka- Steps where an arrow looks dragged keep your foot on that space through the dragging arrows, while other arrows are there to occupy the second foot. It really makes it feel a little better and gives an interesting challenge.

Over 70 new songs as well, and a ton to unlock. Sadly...I have yet to unlock Dynamite Rave or Drop the Bomb! (two of my fav. songs) The manual has some interviews with the artists as well, including NAOKI, responsible for like half the songs.
My only complaint has to be the different announcer, as well as the 5th mix menu system being there. (I really dislike it in the game menu when I have to go through songs in alphabetical order...)

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