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Vampirish Fun

The newest craze sweeping across members of the Star Kingdoms forum is trying to get everyone hooked on playing this very simple vampire game, and since it's Halloween, I figured tis fitting to post a review about this Vamipre game. Basically the point of the game is to lure your friends to click the link (which yes, I'm putting a link below to lure you all to :-p) and when they click it, you have drunk another pint of blood. The more blood you drink, the higher in status you go. If the person you lured chooses to enter thier name on the bottom, they too can begin playing and will be listed as one of the vampires you have sired in your status page. The game also allows you to see your lineage, which includes the grand master, his disciples leading up to you, and your closest siblings. Yes, I know it says no spamming, but I'm not spamming, this is a review of the game PLUS I told you all about what happens when you click the link, before you click it, so therefore it is not spam. Click to be bitten by Shima...
Note: If you start playing today, you can drain an extra three pints of blood since it's Halloween! Normally the max is 3 pints per person you lure...but today that would make the max go up to 6...muahahaha

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