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The PowerPuff Girls Movie

I missed this when it was in theaters, but now that it's out on DVD I was finally able to catch it. It's not anime, of course, but hey it's animation and the television show is a lot of fun.

The movie's plot is terribly generic, with little girls being granted super powers, tricked by the bad guy, and then saving the day in the end. Also, like most television-to-movie adaptations, the pacing seems to drag at times. This seems to be a hard-to-avoid side effect of taking a half-hour television episode (or in the PowerPuff Girls' case, a 15-minute episode) and stretching it out to fill a feature-length movie.

As predictable and slight as it is, it's still a fun time. There's some good action, some funny bits, and the PowerPuffs themselves are always lovable. However, the real star of the show for me was the animation and art direction. The television series had a great, low-tech, low-budget cross between anime and 1950's American cartoons. The movie takes that a bit further, mixing the low-tech feel of the television series with some very slick animation. Personally, because I found the animation to be endlessly interesting, I give this movie three pimps. If you're not an animation geek, maybe you should subtract a pimp because it's definitely not a great story or anything.

Also, don't forget to watch the Dexter's Lab short in the DVD's "Extras" section. The PowerPuff girls get all of the merchandising and ratings, but Dexter is the real star of that network in my book.

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