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Winamp 3

I downloaded this about 2 weeks ago, and I must say it is vastly improved from the original Winamp. I never got to try Winamp 2, so I cannot compare it to that though. The skinable features are one of its best improvements, since you are no longer limited to this block shape. One of the skins I downloaded is in the shape of Belldandy's body, and that is obviously not rectangular. There is also a more rounded, more 3d effect that several skinners have been able to obtain on the new one which was not so easily done with the old one. I think one of the most unique new features that I noticed would have to be the color themes. If a skin designer chooses too, they can make thier skin come in flavors, loads of juicy colorful themes that the user can change between without losing the pictures the skin is based around. What else can I say... The AVS (Audio Visualization Studio) has been nicely redone, there are tons of themes for all your eye candy desires. Oh! I almost forgot, one of my more favorite small features---you can now fade in and out of songs so the transition is barely noticeable, sometimes you can't even tell you're changing songs at all! Yes, I definitly like WA3 ^_^

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